Chrissy Teigen Comes Out Against Girl Scout Cookies

Loves the Scouts, hates their cookies

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chrissyteigen/twitter; GETTY

One of the reasons Chrissy Teigen is so famous is because she does not shy away from speaking her mind. She shares it like it is, no matter who she’s talking about, she doesn’t sugarcoat, often sharing her truths on Twitter to her 12.4 million followers. Her latest honest opinion share was about the Girl Scout cookies. She loves the Scouts but hates the cookies and here’s what she had to say.

The celebrity mom of two took to her Twitter to share her honest opinion and ranking of Girl Scout cookies since it’s the time of year where they’re being sold. Sharing a photo with each of the cookie types, she says she “did the ranking you’re all too scared to do.”

And she didn’t hold back on her feelings at all. The ranking came with a green smiley, yellow meh face, and a red frown, and under, she placed each type of Girl Scout cookie based on her feelings. Each of their cookies was under the red frown face—all six flavors.

She doesn’t like any of them.

Teigen later clarified her stance after people called her “cold,” saying she’s “happy to support” the Girl Scouts, but has different feelings about the cookies, “HAPPY. but I’m not doing it for the cookie, okay.”

Girl Scout cookies are a favorite of so many, likely because they’re only available during certain times of the year. People have strong feelings on these cookies, and Teigen clarified even further with another cookie ranking “if NO other cookies in the world existed.”

Everyone is entitled to their feelings, and no one is going to love every single cookie. And Teigen isn’t wrong, these Girl Scout cookies aren’t the best in the world, and they’re certainly not healthy. They contain some questionable ingredients like processed sugar and hydrogenated palm oil, and since Teigen is a huge foodie, her opinion comes with experience.

But, she made it clear she’s happy to support the Girl Scouts, their mission and dedication to children and leaving the world a better place.

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