Chris Evans Drops Hilarious Christian Slater Joke. Gen X Has a Meltdown

The former Captain America shared an out-of-the-blue but true observation about Slater.

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A photo of Christian Slater overlaid by a photo of Chris Evans

You know those people who have a name that just fits them perfectly? Like, you meet a guy named Tom and you just think, “Of course you’re Tom. Tom is exactly who you were meant to be.” Well, according to Chris Evans, Christian Slater falls squarely into that category, as he tweeted that late 80s Slater has the exact name he was meant to have.

“If Christian Slater from 1989 walked into the room, and I had never heard his name before, and had to guess what it was just from what he looked like, I would guess ‘Christian Slater’,” Evans tweeted.

Evans’ tweet ended up going viral, earning over 100,000 likes and nearly 6,000 retweets in about 18 hours. Gen X-ers were especially excited by Evans’ appreciation for Slater and they used the opportunity to discuss the actor’s fantastic filmography, specifically with a focus on his 1989 films, like Heathers and Pump Up the Volume (which technically came out in 1990 but fans seemed to count it as an exception).

Of course, a few people used the opportunity to get a little thirsty on the timeline, expressing their undying love for Slater’s enduring good looks.



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