CDC Reminds Kids Not to Pee, Poo in the Pool With Hilariously Gross Gifs

"Pee in the toilet, not in the pool!"

It is officially summer, which means it is officially pool season. And while taking in a dip in the pool is the absolute best way to beat the summer heat, there is one major downside: people (largely children) peeing or having bouts of diarrhea in the pool. Yeah, gross!

To discourage people from using the pool as a discreet bathroom, the Center for Disease Control has released a series of gifs that work as a guide for healthy swimming, which immediately got tons of traction on Twitter, for what we think are clearly obvious reasons.

Pee in the toilet, not in the pool!” one of the viral tweets explains. “When pee and chlorine mix in the pool, there is less chlorine available to kill germs.”

Another shows a kid swimming in the toilet, with the caption that “diarrhea and swimming don’t mix” in order to illustrate the point that using the pool as a toilet is basically like using the toilet as a pool, which is hopefully something you aren’t in the habit of doing. And if you aren’t, then it makes for a hilariously gross image that does illustrate the point, but at what cost?