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Dad’s Viral TikTok of Toddler’s Car Seat Escape Attempts Shows They Can’t Be Trusted

Toddlers: you can't trust them farther than you can see them.

TikTok / @beleafinfatherhood

One of the things we learn pretty quickly as new parents are how important car seat safety is. We read up on the rules and guidelines, fuss over making sure the seat is installed correctly, and double-check the straps every time we lock them in.

It’s one of the best ways to keep them safe in the car. It saves lives. But one dad learned pretty quickly that when it came to his toddler, it didn’t matter how many times he checked that he was strapped in—the kid was going to escape on his own.

Glen Henry, a digital storyteller who runs Beleaf in Fatherhood, has a pretty famous TikTok profile. He shares snippets of life in his family, raising his four kids with his wife, Yvette, by his side. It’s a mix of sweet and hilarious content, but one video of his toddler has captured the attention of millions.

In the video, Glen narrates a “Fatherhood breakdown” featuring his son Uziah, who was able to pull off the “escape of a lifetime.” Yep, his 2-year-old son escaped from his car seat (but not while they are driving). Glen tells his son not to unbuckle the car seat in the clip after strapping him in and checking that everything was latched. His son, who doesn’t seem impressed with what his dad is telling him, already looks like he’s plotting his move as funny captions appear on the screen like “Boss Baby Energy” and “He’s a wizard.”

The second dad closes the door, Uziah looks around to see who is watching right before clipping off the harness of his car seat and “Hulk Hogans” his way out of the straps. “He has proved to me that nothing is baby-proof unless it is bulletproof,” Glen says.


Baby ESCAPES #ShadowAndBone #doakickflip #tiktokggt #fatherhoodbreakdown

♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

The video is hilarious, not just for dad’s witty commentary. Still, his son and his facial expressions make us giggle the whole way through. Thankfully the family wasn’t on the road yet, and after mom gave Uziah the stare that “only a mom could give,” he gave in and kept himself buckled.

But, at the same time, the fact that the little man can unclip his buckles at will is terrifying because that’s such an important part of car safety. At least the family has proved he can do it, so they’ll know to keep an extra set of eyes on him – and thankfully, his siblings have that locked down.

The video has racked up 9.6 million loves and more than 102,000 comments on top of the 40-plus million views the video nabbed.