A family created a "candypult" which is basically as awesome as it sounds.


Viral Candy Catapult Is The Best COVID Halloween Hack Yet

by Lizzy Francis

Many, many, many parents across the United States will be taking their kid trick-or-treating on Saturday, despite CDC warnings that the activity could be deeply unsafe if pandemic precautions are not heeded. Some enterprising Halloween enthusiasts have taken the challenges that COVID-19 presents on All Hallow’s Eve head-on by creating social-distancing Halloween hacks like candy chutes, stinky costumes, and family movie nights with spooky treats and delicious, sugary baked goods and candies, or doing scavenger hunts in the backyard. All of the above approaches are valid, but none of them are as fun as what one Pennsylvanian family has concocted to keep the Halloween magic alive.

The Mak family had been attempting to find a way to do Halloween safely this year and came up with the idea of a “candypult” — otherwise known as a catapult specifically designed to launch candy at suspecting, or unsuspecting, candy-wanters. During a Halloween brainstorming session (ideally fueled by candy) Vince Mak and his kids decided to create a catapult to launch candy through the air. All the family needs to do is fill a bucket with candy, pull the candypult down, and let the magic of physics fling sweets at candy-wanters.

The funny take on socially distanced Halloween is yet another way parents are coming to ingenious inventions to ensure that at least for one holiday this year, kids feel somewhat normal.