California Wants To Send Every Resident $400 For Gas While Prices Soar

With gas prices soaring, the rebate would be a welcome relief to parents.

pumping gas
Maskot / Getty Images

If you’ve been shocked at the gas pumps lately, you’re not alone. Prices have been soaring nationwide — costing more than ever — and American families are struggling to keep up with this nearly guaranteed aspect of their lives. While there have been some bills debated in the halls of the Capitol Building, including a bill that would send people money monthly whenever gas is more than an average of $4 a gallon nationally, those are probably far from passing. But if you live in California, there actually may be relief on the way in the form of a $400 gas tax credit.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced the details of the gas rebate proposal which includes $400 direct payments for people who have vehicles registered in the state. They would also get three months of free public transit. The program would cost an estimated $11 billion, with $9 billion being used for rebates, according to KTLA News.

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