Butt-Head Toys Take Fart Jokes to the Next Level

Perfect for the prankster in your household.

by Amanda Tarlton
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From the makers of Fingerlings comes a new line of toys that play to kids’ love of potty humor. WowWee’s Buttheads are figurines that literally have butts for heads and come equipped with very realistic farting noises.

Released in late January, there are currently four different Buttheads who make up what the toy company calls “a ghastly group that loves to let it rip.” And they all have very punny names: Grim Ripper (grim reaper), Tushi (ninja), Robutt (robot), and Brainfart (zombie).

Each five-inch figurine has at least 20 signature sound effects, most of which are fart-related. Not only can kids pull the Buttheads’ fingers to trigger the noises, but they can also use the timer feature to “set a stink bomb to prank your friends and family, or challenge your friends to a stinky duel,” Romper reports.

And the toys don’t just sound gross—they smell gross, too. The Buttheads each come with a scratch-n-sniff card that kids can collect and trade with their friends.

The only thing sillier than the Buttheads themselves? The insanely catchy jingle that WowWee has come up with to promote the smelly statues. With the tagline “Buttheads, their heads are butts” on repeat, it’s sure to be stuck in your head almost as quickly as “Baby Shark.”

Currently, the Buttheads, which retail for $10 per toy, are only being sold at Walmart and on Amazon. According to, WowWee plans to expand to other retailers by March 2019.

Snag one while they’re still available because if WowWee’s other popular toy, Fingerlings, are any indication, they’ll likely sell out. As the Buttheads website says, “These cheeky champions are out to raise a stink!”

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