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Why Britney Spears Will Speak At Next Conservatorship Hearing Is Massive

This could be a big deal for the #FreeBritney movement.


Britney Spears was granted a request to speak directly to the court in regards to her conservatorship at the next status hearing in June.

Britney’s attorney, Samuel D. Ingham III, made the request on the pop singer’s behalf when the court regathered to discuss accounting and fees. Ingham did not state what specific issues Britney would be addressing, but he did say that it “does not relate to the accounting or the fee issues.”

The request was granted and the hearing was set for June 23. This will mark the first time Britney has spoken in court in several years, indicating that she may be hoping to take additional steps in having her father removed from her conservatorship.

Since the premiere of the documentary Framing Britney Spears, there has been a significant surge of support for the #FreeBritney movement, with much of the backlash focused on Jamie’s overreaching role in his daughter’s life. Specifically, the details of Britney’s conservatorship, and the entire legal system of conservatorship in the state of California, have become the subject of outrage and controversy.

Britney’s conservatorship began when her father Jamie was granted the role after his daughter’s public mental breakdown in the late aughts, essentially meaning that he had control over her financial affairs, as well as other aspects of her life.

Jamie was the sole conservator until Britney filed a petition to have her father removed last year, with her attorney arguing that the singer was afraid of Jamie and he used the position to control and manipulate her.

While her father remains in that role, for now, Britney had a significant legal win in February when a judge denied her dad’s objections to how her conservatorship will be delegated and ended up appointing Bessemer Trust, a financial company, as a co-conservator. Jamie has long argued that he is doing what is best for his daughter but this year, Britney has appeared to begin pushing back against that narrative.

The move for Britney to speak directly to the court for the first time in June is a big step forward in pushing back against that idea. What she will say, now, isn’t clear, but it’s a huge step forward in changing the terms of the situation she’s in.