Bill Burr Wants to Yell at Other People’s Kids

The stand-up comedian told Conan O'Brien the world would be a better place if parents were allowed to yell at other people's misbehaving kids.

Team Coco

Bill Burr is known for his hilarious and controversial opinions. And as a guest on Conan earlier this week, he didn’t hold back. The comedian explained why he believes the world would be a better place if adults were allowed to yell at other people’s kids.

The conversation began innocently enough, as Conan asked Burr about his one-year-old daughter and how he likes being a father. Burr said that his daughter’s first birthday party helped him realize how lucky he is to be raising a girl instead of a boy, as he noticed all the little girls were playing nicely while the boys were running around and throwing things like a bunch of “maniacs.” Burr said the misbehaving boys reminded him of the chaotic battle scenes from Braveheart but lamented that he was forced to sit idly by and watch the boys wreak havoc because nobody is allowed to tell other people’s kids what to do. The Boston-based stand-up said that he missed the days when parents yelled freely at other people’s kids.

“Back in the day, you could yell at people’s kids,” Burr explained. “And I think that that needs to come back. That is what’s holding back this country.”