John Travolta’s 11-Year-Old Son Might Be the Next Spider-Man

This kid could beat anyone in a game of ‘The Floor is Lava!’

john travolta and son ben parkour
johntravolta / Instagram

John Travolta might have the next Spider-Man on his hands. The proud dad shared a short video clip of his 11-year-old son Ben showing off his impressive parkour skills. And even though it was under 30-seconds long, it’s very clear that the young on has moves.

On Sunday, April 24, John shared a really cool clip of his son jumping between different platforms and objects in the indoor adventure gym. First, Ben jumps from spaced-out platforms before grabbing and swinging on various money bars. He catches himself on a small ledge on the wall before twisting mid-air to grab another monkey bar and heads his way back to where he started.

“My Spider-Man Ben” John wrote in the caption of the 16-second video.

For kids who are really energetic and have an interest in climbing and jumping from an early age may benefit from trying out parkour. Parkour, which involves traversing obstacles through running, jumping, climbing, rolling, and more to get from one place to another in the most efficient way.

And it looks like it’s been incredibly fun for Ben – and his proud dad sharing the video has sparked some interest in the comment section of his post.

“I want to do that,” Debi Mazar wrote.

“Literally Spider-Man!” someone else wrote, adding, “perhaps you have a stuntman there.”

“That’s awesome!!” replied another. “He can do his own stunts in his future movies.”

Like the many benefits of gymnastics, parkour can help build strength, problem solving, balance, and foster creativity. Plus, a lot of kids just find it cool to be able to move so freely in situations that seem impossible to do so.

Of course, practicing parkour can lead to injuries, like gymnastics or any sport really, so it’s important to ensure the kids are being well supervised when they’re swinging from the bars or climbing up the walls. It’s a fun sport that might be the exact thing for kids who have loads of energy to burn but don’t care for structured sports.