People Are Freaking Out Over this Bean Bag Onesie

It's the gift you didn't realize you needed

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bean bag onesie
Credit: ThinkGeek

Every year there seems to be one gift that’s a little strange but touted as the gift you need to get for everyone on your holiday shopping list. We’ve seen the Snuggie take over the world, we’ve “oohed” and “awed” at “Snoveralls,” and now it’s time for this bean bag onesie to have its shine.

The “Bean Bag Onesie” is retailing at the online store ThinkGeek and it’s designed for adults who love pajamas, specifically onesies, and would like the option to sit down comfortably, whenever they happen to decide to take a seat.

I’m not going to lie—it looks ridiculous. It’s green and has a literal giant bean bag on the butt, making that body part of yours looking quite large. It’s made of cotton, so it’s likely very cozy, and the bean bag butt is filled with a cotton-polyester fiber mix and filled with polystyrene balls.

Credit: ThinkGeek

Imagine waiting at the school pick up for your child who is always late—now you can sit down. Or if your partner drags you to the hardware store to look at tools that you have zero interest in—you can sit right down. Also, practically, it looks comfortable for long movie watching at home or a video game binge.

The pictures alone make me giggle and I haven’t even seen anyone try to walk in this thing yet. But it could be just as useful as those other gag gifts that took society by storm—and people must be freaking out about this for a good reason.

Just like all good things, this bean bag onesie doesn’t come cheap. At a price of $89.00, maybe you should just save up to buy yourself one and make all your friends a little jealous.

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