"Not my real dad, he is!"


Baby Yoda Becomes an Insufferable Teenager In Fan-Made Viral Video

by Cameron LeBlanc
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Even The Child has to grow up someday.

That’s the premise of “TEEN YODA,” an animated short from YouTube channel AOK. It imagines the real star of The Mandalorian (sorry, Pedro) as an angsty teen complete with a bad rebellious haircut, hatred of kid stuff like blue milk, and declarations of hate for his guardian Mando who, he reminds us, isn’t even his real dad.

Speaking of Mando, he’s less a badass bounty hunter and more Phil Dunphy, a bumbling loser who takes issue with the loud band practice in his garage. The hard-rocking Sith Order, as Teen Yoda’s outfit is called, doesn’t seem to be his cup of tea. He’s probably more of a fan of Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, what we’re going to go ahead and consider the equivalent of Dad Rock in the Star Wars universe.

“A Darth someday you might be, but this is my house, so these are my rules. Capiche?” Mando says as Teen Yoda exhales from a vape that looks like a handheld droid. His response? “Boomer, OK.” Kids these days, amirite?

But as much like a real human teen as he might act, Teen Yoda is definitely different. He has force powers, after all, and he wastes no time force-choking a meddling neighbor. Too bad that skill isn’t on the SAT.

At the end of the clip, two Stormtroopers — not played by Jason Sudekis and Adam Pally this time around — wonder if they really have to go after him. Not because their lives might be in danger, but because he’s annoying in that special, insolent way that only teenagers can be.

The actual new season of The Mandlorian is scheduled to hit Disney+ in October.

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