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People Are Rightly Outraged That Jason Sudeikis Punched Baby Yoda

What kind of monster would do such a thing?


The normal reasons to hate Jason Sudeikis are petty. He’s rich, famous, handsome, funny, and engaged to Olivia Wilde. But after the season one finale of The Mandalorian hit Disney+ on Friday, there’s a brand-new reason to despise the SNL alum: he hit Baby Yoda. The nerve!

That’s right, the star of The Angry Birds Movie 2 scored the role of Bike Scout Trooper #1 alongside Bike Scout Trooper #2, played by Adam Pally. The pair appeared in the penultimate episode of the series killing Kuiil and scooping up the Child, but it’s their appearance in the open of the finale that’s earning Sudeikis internet opprobrium.

The pair appear speeding on their floating speeder bikes, presumably shortly after securing the Child, who is in a bag on Trooper #1’s shoulder. They stop outside town and request confirmation to continue into town. What ensues is a sort of behind-the-scenes conversation between Stormtroopers, just two guys shooting the shit about their shared profession.

Throughout the conversation, which is as funny as anything in the Star Wars canon, Baby Yoda keeps stirring in the bag and Trooper #1 keeps hitting him. And not lightly slapping or tapping him: punching the cutest character in television history with a closed fist, eliciting some still adorable squeals of dismay.

The internet quickly stood up to protect its meme king.

Sudeikis’s Wikipedia page even got a much-needed update.

And Second City, the legendary comedy troupe that once counted Sudeikis as a member, distanced itself from his actions.

The Mandalorian is streaming now on Disney+.