Viral TikTok Predicts These Five Baby Girl Names From 1920 Are About to Blow Up

There were some strange popular names in the early '20s.

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hellomorgantimm / TikTok

There are a million places we can look to find inspiration for our baby’s name. Some look at the family tree, others find names through their favorite TV shows. But sometimes looking to the past can give some hints to what names will become trendy again. One woman on TikTok is predicting that the next baby name trend will come from the past — which should be no surprise to parents who have been following the vintage trend of baby names that have been super popular for the last few years. Here’s what you need to know.

TikTok creator Morgan Kline believes the next line of trendy baby names will be a blast from the past in 1922. “To make my prediction, basically I’m just considering the trending names of today, what qualities they hold, and which names may have been long forgotten that hold those same qualities that I think deserve a second chance,” she said on a TikTok video that’s now gone viral.

She’s not looking at the popular baby names from 1922, she’s digging a little bit further, looking at the top 1000 baby names from that year. Now, she’s tying the names of the past to trends we’re already seeing today to make her predictions.

So which 1922 baby names does Morgan think will make a comeback now?

Dorothea: According to Morgan, Dorothea will see the “Taylor Swift effect” since she used the name as a song title in her 2020 “Evermore” album.

Theo: She says Theo will be coming back but will be used for any gender.

Lou: “Lou is also one of those names that hasn’t made a comeback yet, but it’s well on the way,” Morgan said.

Birdie: Morgan predicts that nature names will see a major rise in popularity, specifically Blossom or Birdie. “It hits ‘cutesie-ness’, nature names that people are loving and it’s another one of those that a lot of influencers share on the lists of names they love but aren’t using,” she explained.

Lovie: Lovie is a name that’s not really been seen much since the 1920s but with the popularity of the Netflix show You, Morgan thinks people will take the name Love from the show as inspiration but go with Lovie instead. “It’s a cuter version and sounds more like a name than just Love,” Morgan added.