Amazon Prime Video Is Suddenly Letting Families Share Accounts

Are you a family of 6 or more? You're in good shape.


We are pretty spoiled when it comes to streaming services, and because of this, there are some features we’ve come to expect from them. We want thee services to have a variety of titles to choose from, they need to be usable from a variety of devices, and we don’t want to have to share one profile with our family. Amazon Prime Video is getting on board and letting us share our account with our family. Here’s what you need to know.

Amazon Prime Video has quietly rolled out user profiles, and they’re offering six different ones per account. This means up to six people can have their section which will track what they’re watching, what shows or movies are more likely to be ones they’ll want to watch, and no more mixing together a Baby Shark sing-along TV show with The Boys series.

Much like the other streaming services, Amazon Prime Video will allow the primary account to set up the five other profiles, choosing the age-ranges as well. Amazon Prime Video Kids will limit the content to only show titles that are safe for children under 12.

Amazon Prime Video profiles are available across several platforms, including web, mobile, AppleTV, and more, but the feature is currently not available in all countries. To set the profiles up depend on which device you’re using, but Amazon has a good how-to on their help site.

This new profile settings on Amazon Prime Video and allowing for up to six profiles outdoes Netflix, which gives the option to add up to 5 different profiles, Disney+, though, allows for up to seven profiles. The addition of profiles comes at the perfect time where more of us are staying at home and streaming TV shows and movies, and as a family of 6, these profiles stop a lot of fights from even happening.