You Can Finally Get the Backyard Sauna of Your Dreams

You're just steps away from your own personal spa.

by Amanda Tarlton
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Just when we thought we’d seen all Amazon had to offer (aka the Allwood build-your-own guesthouse that went viral earlier), the retailer released something even more impressive: a DIY backyard barrel sauna. Yes, ’tis true. You can experience your very own heat sessions in the privacy of your backyard. And for the ultimate in in-home relaxation, pair your outdoor sauna with this impressive voice-activated massage chair for the ultimate spa experience.

Sold by the same company as the popular tiny house, the Allwood Barrel Sauna is built out of sturdy Nordic spruce wood and comes equipped with a wood-fired heater, tinted glass door, steel chimney, sauna stones, and air vents. Measuring about 5.5 feet long and just under 7 feet wide, it can comfortably sit up to four adults and only takes 15 to 30 minutes to heat up.

The barrel-shaped spa doesn’t come cheap, though. While shipping is free, you’ll still shell out $5,890.00 (not including tax) for your sauna. And that’s just for the basic structure. This barrel sauna is made in Estonia, and features a steel chimney. It’s fancy. But perhaps you want an upgrade.

The brand’s bigger models, like the one above, feature windows in the back so you can gaze out on your backyard in relaxed luxury. The smaller models have optional windows that are sold separately.

According to Amazon, you can expect to receive the sauna kit with all the pieces in between 45 and 60 days. Then, you can put it together yourself, an effective albeit less relaxing way to schvitz. Make sure you paint or stain the outside to protect against decay and rot.

The good news is that once you get it all set up, the spa should last you for a while. The seller states that the Allwood Barrel Sauna has a two-year warranty for both the wood and the metal pieces.

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