Alyssa Milano Got Dragged For Her Crocheted COVID Mask — But It’s Probably Fine

Relax, people.

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Alyssa Milano recently faced heat from social media trolls after posting a photo of herself, her husband, and her two kids, all wearing face masks. While her husband wore an N95 mask and her two kids, fabric masks, Milano was wearing a crocheted mask — leading people to say that the mask was ineffective and that it won’t stop sneezing, coughing or other particulates to come through the mask if she were to even breathe.

After Twitter trolls said that the mask was ineffective, Milano clapped back and told naysayers that the mask has a carbon filter in it, which is an insert many people use to add an extra layer of protection in their masks, whether or not their masks are perforated. They filter airborne particles and many people use them to double up on their protection from coronavirus and from dangerous, virus-spreading particulates.

Plus, even wearing a faulty mask has been linked to limiting the spread of disease, at least somewhat, even though it might not be as effective as a carbon-filtered mask or an N95 mask. And it’s a relief that people are even doing the CDC-recommended mask-wearing and social distancing — Milano and her family were leaving the house to get antibody tested, which has become a part of the suite of tests available to all Californians, including COVID-19 tests.

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