A woman confronted Alex Trebek about an old family legend that involved him living in her aunt's basement. Now she owes her dad a beer!


Alex Trebek Confirmed Woman's Dad's Story He's Shared For 20 Years

by Devan McGuinness

We all have a family member who likes to share stories from their past. Sometimes these stories are so outlandish that it’s hard for us to believe they’re real. That’s what one woman thought was happening when her dad told the tale of a celebrity who lived in a basement. She never quite believed him until confirmation came directly from the source – Alex Trebek.

An anonymous woman posted a video to YouTube of an encounter with Alex Trebek. She had a question for him and needed him to settle something between herself and her dad, a bit of old family lore. We’re surprised the video hasn’t been seen by everyone in the world, because it’s equal parts hilarious and adorable.

“I was hoping you could settle some familial lore,” the woman behind the camera said in a group with the Jeopardy! host at the beginning of the video.

“My father said that you lived in the basement of his aunt’s house in Ottawa when you were quite young,” she continued. The audience laughed because it’s probably the last thing anyone thought she was going to say.

Her dad had been telling the story for 20 years, and “today when I confronted him on it, he said ‘well I’m pretty sure I didn’t make it up,'” she continued.

Hoping to jog his memory, the woman told Alex that her aunt’s name was Mary Clayman, and she lived on Sherway Drive in Ottawa. “She said that you lived in her basement when you were a young student,” the woman said.

And Alex’s memory was jogged immediately, and his reply to this was very him.

“And I dated her daughter, Norma Clayman,” Alex replied, and the crowd of people erupted in laughter. Turns out the woman’s dad was telling the truth.

“Everyone involved in that story had died, so he had no one who could back him up,” the woman wrote in the caption of the video she shared to YouTube. “Well, it turns out there was one person…” she added. And he confirmed it with class and charm.

“Wow, I owe my dad a beer,” the woman replied, realizing that this outlandish story from her dad had been 100% true.

“You could have been my uncle?” she said, giggling along with the crowd.

So, maybe, all the outlandish stories we hear from our family aren’t all made up. This one seemed very unlikely, but her dad got his vindication.