People Shared What They Miss Most About The ’90s. It’s a Nostalgia Bomb

The '90s were a much simpler time, and this viral thread reveals it.

Two years ago, the world was a whole lot simpler. So much has happened in a relatively short period of time. So, with everything going on right now, it’s not surprising that people are feeling nostalgic for even simpler times, like the ‘90s. A new thread on Reddit has gone viral with people sharing what they miss most about that decade, and it’s full of flashbacks to much simpler times.

Reddit user u/low_shadow hit up the platform’s popular community AskReddit with a question that hundreds of people seemed very eager to answer. “What do you miss most about the 90s?” they posed to the group. And it didn’t take long for the thread to accumulate hundreds of comments full of moments that have us all reminiscing.

Movie rental stores were a big one for people. u/Accomplished-Cup6926 explained, “Although they were around in the 2000s, video rental stores. Yes, obviously streaming services are way, way more convenient than going out to rent a movie, but I can’t really explain how cool it was going to one and picking out a movie or game to rent.”

And their comment was followed up by one from u/Elementium who added, “Renting a movie was a commitment. It was an event. You’d go and pick movies and they could be shit but you’d watch them at least once.” Continuing, they point out how different it is now. “Now? You spend hours looking for movies on streaming services and just throw your hands up and do something else before you can choose.”

For u/Skygoing, the ‘90s were simpler because we weren’t always being watched. “Lack of camera phones and cell phones in general,” they shared. “We used to just ride bikes to various places that we wanted to go to and we weren’t under a constant microscope. When we were stupid and childish, there wasn’t the risk of it ruining our entire lives because some dipshit recorded it and it went viral.”

“It was a much kinder time,” u/LadyWalks shared. “People were more invested in local news, we all used to talk to each other, and there was stuff to look forward to.”

u/MSFNinja missed the fashion – well, more the idea of fashion. “’90 fashion doesn’t look great in hindsight but it had a unique personal quality to it and it was fun to wear teal/pink windbreakers and shoes with basketball pumps on them,’ they shared. “Fashion today is about wearing brands to show your income status on Instagram.”

A lot of people said life was simpler before social media and they often think about what the world would be like if we all weren’t so accessible. Other answers included the music of the ‘90s, the sense of a community, and the toys and video games of the time.

Of course, there were loads of answers from the youngins saying they weren’t alive yet, but they don’t know what they missed.