Tiny Beauties

These 10 Microscopic Photos Will Blow Your Mind

You and your kids will be amazed once you gaze upon these award-winning images of bugs, neurons, and even candle-wicks in microscopic detail.

Nikon’s Small World competition, founded in 1974 to highlight “excellence in photography through the microscope,” just released this year’s best pics of super tiny worlds. The winning images of cells, intestines, feet, and bugs were elected through a panel of judges who evaluated the photos based on originality, technical proficiency, and visual impact. Check out Nikon’s full Small World gallery here and keep tapping to see the top 10.

1st Place: Grigorii Timin & Dr. Michel Milinkovitch

This photo shows the embryonic hand of a Madagascar giant day gecko. Spooky! Photo method: Confocal; 63X (Objective Lens Magnification)

Grigorii Timin & Dr. Michel Milinkovitch/Nikon Small World