What Men Really Feel About Their Wife’s Post-Baby Body

We asked a handful of men about their honest feelings about their wife's postpartum body. Here's what they said.

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According to a recent poll, it takes roughly 547 days before a new mother will feel sexy again. Is that true for everyone? No, of course not. How can such a poll speak for every damn person? But it nonetheless illustrates a big truth: After the birth of a baby, it’s common for mothers to feel self-conscious about their new body. Their body is the same but different — their lower stomach is maybe a bit softer; their hips may be a bit wider; their boobs larger, more sensitive, and in demand for their natural purpose; perhaps a C-section scar curves around their belly.

In short, it’s a big change. And for husbands, it can be a big change too. Or can it? While there’s a lot of talk about how men feel about their wife’s post-baby body, much of it is hearsay, as most of the men we spoke to — and those quoted here — say they are as, if not more, attracted to their wives. Sure, a few men said they needed some time to readjust. But all in all, it seems clear that most men are big fans of their wife’s post-baby figures:

Do I love my wife’s postpartum body? Umm, yeah. Two words: huge boobs. My wife’s breasts are always great — they’re boobs! — but after our kid was born they grew bigger and fuller and even more amazing to play with. Obviously, I’m being a little silly right now but I’m also not: They are incredible body parts that sustain our child, but they also give me a little bit more something to squeeze — when they’re not sore or occupied, obviously. — Chris W., New Haven, CT

I wouldn’t want to say anything bad about my wife’s body because she’s so baby strong right now she could probably rip my arm off and beat me into the ground like I was a tent stake [laughs]. But seriously she has this beautiful, strong, functional body from carrying our son around. I mean, her arms — shoulders, biceps — are ripped but her stomach and breasts have this new softness. The contrast is great. Our son has basically been like a kettlebell for her. Her entire body is very sexy. — Kyle V., Kansas City

My wife has always been sexy but, honestly, I find her a lot sexier now. She’s naturally tall and slim and she still is, but there’s a bit more softness to her now after the baby. And I just love touching her. It isn’t a baby fat thing or anything like that. I wouldn’t say this to her because she would string me up by my Achilles, but her body just seems less rigid and more welcoming. — Nolan T., Dallas

It took me a long time to become sexually attracted to my wife after our daughter was born. For one reason, it was weird for me to make that jump to seeing her breasts and body as sexual again. For another, I just wasn’t into it: She had a C-section scar that was pretty gnarly and her hips just seemed wider than before. It wasn’t on her: Her body went through something amazing and she gave birth to our daughter. But it was six or seven months after the baby came before I wanted to have sex with her again. Like I said, this was on me. But it just took me some time to get used to it. ­— Steve M., Somerville, MA

I will love my wife in whatever shape she is in. But right now I am more attracted to my wife than I have ever been because her body is being used to support and feed our children and it is beautiful. I couldn’t care less what she looks like — and she looks great — but the important thing is that she is healthy and our children are healthy because of her. A mother’s body is an amazing thing. Our sex life is certainly a bit different now that our daughter has been born, but it hasn’t slowed down all that much. — Lawrence P., St Louis

Maybe it’s because my wife worked out a lot during her pregnancy or that she went to a lot of mommy-and-me workout classes or I’m just a big dummy, but I could not tell the difference between her body before our baby and her body after our baby. I mean, there were some small differences — a bit softer in the belly, her breasts were a lot bigger — but for the most part it was just my wife, who I find sexy and whom I love dearly. I can tell her that I loved her so much more after our son was born. I was also a bit more scared of her because she war-screamed in the hospital room when giving birth and, man, I never want to hear that ever again [laughs]. — Greg K., Chico, CA

My wife was so self-conscious for months after the baby was born, even though I kept telling her how attractive I found her, or how much I was grabbing her ass or sneaking up from behind to hug her hips. It was a little different, sure. But I was — and I am — so into her. I mean, her boobs were plumper, her butt was a little bit bigger, and her arms were super toned. That combination is killer. Just don’t ever tell her the butt thing. — Matt R., Boston

My wife was a fox before the baby came and she remains a fox after the baby came. Her body’s a little different, sure, but is it any less her body? No, and that’s what I love: her body. Bigger boobs are certainly nice, though. — Jack N., Brooklyn, NY

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