Taco Bell Wants to Put Kit Kats in Your Tortillas

The "Kit Kat Chocoladilla" is here.

taco bell kit kat chocodilla

Taco Bell has begun testing a new creation in select Taco Bell locations in the great state of Wisconsin: the “Kit Kat Chocoladilla.” As Taco Bell is not one of subtlety, the new product really is what it sounds like: melted Kit Kat pieces in a warmed and grilled tortilla. If you’re not into Kit Kats, and you live in Wisconsin, keep an eye out for the Twix iteration of the confusing snack. And while disgusting, corporate-minded snack-brand fusions aren’t anything new for the company, this marks an interesting move for Nestle.

The Kit Kat Chocoladilla would join the ranks of the infamous Doritos Locos Taco (featuring a chip-flavored taco shell) the Firecracker Burrito (covered in “cayenne popping crystals”), the Naked Chicken Chips (chicken tenders shaped like, well, chips) the Naked Chicken Chalupa (like chicken chips, but instead the chicken forms a shell), and more Frankenstein-y creations. These items were both infamous and really good examples of how brands and restaurants can come together to create some truly horrific food and make a lot of cash.

That seems to be what Nestle is thinking, too. The company recently announced their plans to sell off their United States branch of the company, which would include candy delights like Kit Kat, Crunch, and more, as they move toward a new branding for healthier, more nutritious products. That doesn’t mean the candies will disappear: they’ll probably just be made by Mars Bars or an equivalent company instead.

Lots of companies have begun to turn their sights toward the reality of the shifting foods market. More people than ever are conscious of their eating habits, and some companies have created an entire advertising campaign surrounding the change. Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola are all behind a unified effort to support “balance” in our drink-choices, which really sounds like soda sales are plummeting and they need to figure out how to keep making money.

That’s beside the point. If these chocolate and flour-wrapped monstrosities do well, they’ll probably expand to the national market. Why anyone would buy them is beyond understanding, considering you can just buy Kit-Kats and cheap tortillas and cook the damn thing in your house, without the public shame of spending money on a tortilla filled with chocolate. Come on, guys.