A State-By-State Map Of The Dog Your Kid Most Likely Wants

Man's best best friend.

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When they’re not busy hanging out with Sarah McLachlan, the ASPCA estimates that 70-80 million dogs are owned in the United States. There’s no telling how many of them found homes because someone’s kid wouldn’t stop asking, but you may find yourself in that situation if you haven’t already. Using data from American Kennel Club, Mental Floss mapped the most popular breeds in every state. Whether you want to go against the grain (free dog food) or adopt a hot dog, geography can help you pick your pup.

It’s a good thing they mapped not only the most popular breed, but second and third place as well, because otherwise it would just have lab written all over it. Indeed labs were proven to be man’s best best friend overall, but upon closer look beagles came in first place in Kentucky and West Virgina, and German Shepherds were the most popular in Florida. And you thought their most popular dog was an iguana.

Other honorable mentions include golden retrievers, bulldogs, french bulldogs, Yorkshire terriers, and German shorthaired pointers — ironically, a lot of dogs that seem like they studied abroad. But if you’ve already decided on your first (or next) family dog, then these maps also tell you where you might have your best luck finding them. A puppy road trip will be a great way to find out if your new family member gets as car sick as your old ones.

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