5 Standing Sex Positions You Should Try At Least Once

Want to add a few more moves to your repertoire? Consider these upright variations.

by Fatherly
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The best sex positions are the ones that work the best for your needs. And sometimes? Well, sometimes you need to do it standing up because maybe you are able to escape to the bathroom for a quickie when the kids are napping or maybe you are just looking to add a bit more novelty in the bedroom. In any case, it’s good to have some standing sex positions when the mood calls for it.

The diversity of standing sex makes it perfect for quickies and conveying the ultimate lust for your partner. “If you find a few standing sex positions that work for you and your partner, they can be amazing,” says Dainis Graveris, certified sex educator and relationship expert at SexualAlpha. “They’re perfect for busy couples who are game for hot, spontaneous quickies, or couples who just can’t wait to get between the sheets. You can really have standing sex at any time.”

It’s always good to shake things up sexually every now and again, and the best standing sex positions provide a great way to break out of a sexual rut — or just add something new to the repertoire. “You’ll enjoy the novelty of seeing each other’s bodies in new positions and might even discover a new favorite way of pleasuring each other,” says Isabelle Uren, a relationship and sex toy expert. “Plus, standing sex positions can really get your blood pumping and get your muscles working — not a bad way to get some exercise.”

With Graveris and Uren’s help, here are five standing sex positions to consider.

1. Dance With Me

What is it: The classic standing position, which allows for penetration and intimate face-to-face eye contact. It’s also great for tight spaces, should you wish to abscond to the bathroom for a quickie.

How to do it: “Face each other and have your partner stand on one foot,” says Graveris. “Let her wrap her other leg around your waist, and make sure to hold her tight and support her body while penetrating.”

Bonus Tip: “If you have a flexible partner, try having her raise her leg and put it on your shoulder,” adds Graveris. Doing so allows for deeper penetration and even more experimentation.

2. The Koala

What is it? A standing sex position that resembles how the titular animal hangs in a tree.

How to do it: Stand while facing each other and have your partner drape her arms over your shoulders and wrap her legs around your hips. Use your arm strength to support your partner’s weight by making sure that your hands are on her buttocks as you enter her.”

Bonus Tip: If your joints and muscles aren’t what they used to be, use some support. “You can place your partner on the very edge of a dresser, countertop, or table to make this position less demanding,” adds Graveris.

3. The Wheelbarrow

What is it? A rear-entry standing sex position with a unique angle for penetration.

How to do it: “Have your partner position herself on all fours on the floor,” says Graveris. “Pick her hips up so you can penetrate her from behind while her hands remain on the floor. She can also wrap her legs around you for stability.”

Bonus tip: Graveris adds that doing this move on the side of your bed or near a table can give your partner’s arms some rest. “It’s best to try this move early on to save your strength and energy for the rest of your fun night,” he says.

4. The Forward Fold

What is it? A deep penetration position that allows for a great view of your partner’s butt.

How to do it: The partner being penetrated folds forward at the waist while the other partner stands directly behind them, instructs Uren. The partner in front can brace their hands on the floor while the standing partner can hold their hips to maintain balance while thrusting.

Bonus tip: “It’s easy to make this position just a little bit kinkier,” says Uren. “You can experiment by having the standing partner hold or tie the other person’s hands behind their back.”

5. Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

What is it? A chance for you and your partner to look into each other’s eyes and see each other’s bodies from all different angles.

How to do it: “One partner leans forward in front of a mirror while the other partner penetrates from behind,” explains Uren. “Obviously, the bathroom mirror is the ideal location because the partner being penetrated can lean on the sink for added support.”

Bonus Tip: As if the mirror wasn’t hot enough, Uren suggests that the receiving partner use a free hand to stimulate other areas of their body and give their partner more of a show.

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