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Illustrations by Ivy Johnson for Fatherly

How America’s Smartest Parents Cope With Coronavirus Lockdown

Looking for guidance on weathering coronavirus as a family, we asked astronauts, doctors, psychologists, and some Hollywood heavy hitters how they're coping.

The novel coronavirus, now referred to by most Americans as Covid-19, represents the most significant public health problem of at least the last several decades. Privately, it represents other problems: psychological problems, logistical problems, time-management problems, emotional problems, education problems, financial problems, and relationship problems. Solving these problems is incredibly difficult so, searching for guidance, Fatherly reached out to the very smartest parents we know and asked what they’re doing to cope in a moment when coping feels like a full-time gig. Their answers were surprising, insightful, and, most of all, measured. Very smart, very accomplished people have one thing in common: They stay calm.

Here’s what they do after that….