6 Sex Positions All Super Fit Guys Should Try

If you've got the muscles, you might as well use 'em.

by Carrie Weisman
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It’s good to be in shape. It keeps your heart healthy and your doctor off your back. It also keeps you looking good, which means looking into the mirror doesn’t turn into any kind of nightmare scenario. Of course, it also allows you to do more things, like make it up your friend’s fifth story walk-up without taking several panic breaks along the way. And yeah, there’s also sex. Being in great shape means you’ll be able to go longer. Plus, it allows you to entertain more adventurous positions during the ride. To get a better sense of what kind of moves guys with muscles might want to try in the bedroom, we reached out to Dr. Laura Berman, brand ambassador for Forta. Here, according to Berman, are the positions all fit guys should try.

Rising Sun

Think of this one as a more elaborate missionary move. In this position, the woman lays before you on the bed or couch, while you stand. “Use your arms to lift her hips up while you penetrate her,” explains Berman. “This will require strong biceps and core control.”

Standing Salutation

This one requires some heavy lifting. To start, remain standing. When you’re ready, lift your partner up and ask her to wrap her legs around your waist. And then let the penetration begin. “It may be useful to try this position against a wall or doorframe so your partner can use her back to help with leverage and angle of depth,” suggests Berman. “This will require a lot of strength and power.”


An oldie, but a goodie. Have your partner kneel before you on the bed or couch or floor. Then, lift up her feet as though you are doing a ‘wheelbarrow’ race and penetrate her from this angle. “She will be supporting herself on her hands, or she can use her elbows if she prefers but you will be doing most of the heavy lifting,” says Berman.


Kneel or sit cross-legged on the floor or bed. If you opt for the latter, make sure the mattress isn’t too soft. “You’ll want some resistance,” explains Berman. Have your partner lower herself into your lap, positioning one leg on either side of your body. “In this position, she will have a lot of control, but you will be doing a lot of work with your lower abs, especially if you lean back on your arms or elbows,” says Berman.

Suspended Scissor

Saddle up, because this one requires a lot of strength. Have your partner get into a sideways plank position, as if she were working on her obliques at ab class. Lift her upper leg so you can penetrate her while she continues to support herself on her palm or her elbow. She can also come down to her standing knee if it’s more comfortable. “The man in the position really needs to help hold much of her body weight and set the rhythm and depth,” Berman explains.


“Here is a position that is for the bold and daring, and very fit,” cautions Berman. Position your partner towards the edge of the bed, to the point that if she were to lean backwards, her upper body would fall off the bed. As you penetrate your partner, hold her wrists in your hands and have her gently lean back. “You can penetrate very deeply in this erotic position,” says Berman. “Meanwhile, she will have the sensation of being nearly suspended in air.”

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