Divorce Lawyers of Reddit Reveal The Weirdest Reasons Their Clients Filed

“I had a client file for divorce because every morning his wife would ask him how he takes his coffee… for seven years.”

Divorce lawyers swarmed to the subreddit r/AskReddit yesterday after user u/KylonneSpencer asked: “Divorce lawyers of Reddit, what is the most ridiculous reason your client filed divorce for?” The comments hit more than 6,400 by the following day and the responses range from very funny to very messed up. Are they ultimately, a little sad? Sure. But, man, are they entertaining.

Responding to the thread, Reddit user u/BlankSmitty got the top comment when he responded: “I had a client file for divorce because every morning his wife would ask him how he takes his coffee… for seven years.” Another responded that his client “didn’t help her put up a shower curtain. It may have been a straw that broke the camel’s back situation though.”

Not all of the responses were anecdotal and quirky. Many were very serious, and sad. Redditor u/RavenHairBeauty said, “One client filed for divorce because he owed his bookie $70,000. He didn’t want to leave his wife but he figured he would get half the house in the divorce, which was worth $700,000 and pay his debts. He already blew through their life savings gambling.” Yikes.

And while some were, on their face, a little bit funny, they also spoke to what must have been deeper and more severe issues in the marriages themselves. One redditor mentioned that “My neighbor filed for divorce because he smacked his lips when he ate and slurped his coffee and soup.” Another said, “I had one person who got divorced because her husband wouldn’t take her out to the movies anymore.” Another woman’s husband filed for divorce because she had spent a whopping $42,000 dollars on psychic hotlines. Yet another said she divorced her husband because he was too well endowed. Another, because his wife kept eating ”his” food.

And, because this one’s too good not to mention, one redditor explained how their boss got a divorce because of toilet paper. “His wife was telling people one of her reasons was the amount of toilet paper he used. She was a super coupon clipper thrifty lady and would listen when he went to the bathroom to see if he was using ‘too much tp.'”

So, if you want to read about the varied reasons unions dissolve in order to be a better partner— or simply want to enjoy a bit of schadenfreude — the thread is worth a pretty good read. But if we were to summarize the findings it would be this: dates still matter, food should be chewed with your mouth closed, don’t forget the small things (like how your partner takes their coffee), and practice financial intimacy. But all jokes aside, lets hope divorce brought these couples a semblance of peace.