50 Great Reasons to Have Morning Sex More Often

Early birds are onto something.

Morning sex is not just for morning people, it’s for all people. And it’s especially beneficial to busy moms and dads who may not otherwise have the time or energy to be amorous later on. As if anyone needed convincing, there are ample reasons why parents should take their morning sex the same way they like their coffee — hot and daily. Here are 50 good reasons to keep you and your partner in bed seven to 13 minutes longer in the morning.

  1. Testosterone levels are at their peak first thing in the morning, acting as a libido alarm clock.
  2. You were already going to shower when you got up anyway.
  3. You’re both in bed already.
  4. It might be the only alone time you get that day.
  5. You no longer have the handicap of three bourbons.
  6. There’s evidence that it might even cure your hangover.
  7. To make coffee taste a little less bitter.
  8. There’s evidence that successful people wake up early in the morning. This is just another reason way to be “successful.”
  9. The kids are still asleep.,,
  10. …or at least they’re more self-sufficient than they are in the middle of the night.
  11. If the kids do walk in, you can pretend you were just sleep-wrestling. (It’s like sleepwalking, but for grownups who love each other very much.)
  12. The anticipation of bacon on Saturdays might be an aphrodisiac.
  13. You’ve digested that brick of lasagna from the night before.
  14. The siren song of Netflix has not yet ensnared you.
  15. Blood pressure varies throughout the day but starts to rise right when you wake up. And guess what brings it back down? Sex, sex, sex.
  16. At least one of you is probably already naked.
  17. You can enjoy a slower, lazier lovemaking style.
  18. Or, if you’re feeling up to it, use the burst of early morning energy for a more athletic sex session.
  19. Sex can burn more than 100 calories, so it totally counts as a morning workout.
  20. It’s technically cardio and yoga if you do it right.
  21. No one cares what they look like.
  22. Because there was going to traffic and train delays anyways.
  23. During the rapid eye movement or REM sleep, both men and women experience increased blood flow to their genitals, which can make you wake up extra aroused.
  24. Morning breath is a great excuse to try a new position where you don’t have to face each other.
  25. It’s also an excuse to kiss other body parts that don’t smell like morning breath.
  26. You’ll love them even more after they brush their teeth.
  27. Are you trying? It might be easier to conceive in the morning, fertility experts say.
  28. It’ll make you forget what you were mad at your boss about.
  29. Sex revs up the brain’s pleasure-reward system and works to counteract potential stress and anxiety all day.
  30. It seems spontaneous and unexpected even if you have it a lot.
  31. The risk of being late to work makes it seem naughty.
  32. Because your body hasn’t started hurting yet.
  33. Orgasms are a natural painkiller and, arguably, a way more enjoyable to prevent future backaches than Ibuprofen.
  34. Waking up early can improve your overall quality of sleep, research shows. And improved sleep usually translates into better sex. By extension, people having morning sex are probably having better sex overall — and that’s how they sleep well at night.
  35. There’s something about soft, natural morning lighting that makes you both look your best to each other. Maybe because it’s one of those things that hasn’t changed since you started having morning sex with each other.
  36. Bedhead quickly transitions into wild sex hair.
  37. Sex can help make you look younger and happier. Coworkers will say you look nice and maybe ask if that’s a new shirt. (It’s not a new shirt.)
  38. Because it’s been six to eight hours since you last did it.
  39. You can redeem yourself from the night before.
  40. Relationship experts say parents can benefit from scheduling sex. This is one opening you both have.
  41. One day, your kids will quizzically ask their friends “Wait, your parents don’t have morning time too?” And then realize later as adults exactly what was going on.
  42. It so much better than waking up to the news.
  43. It helps explain what all those roosters were crowing about.
  44. Morning sex does not take away from night sex. Sex at any time of day boosts the libido, so early risers are also more likely to be horny at night. You don’t have to choose.
  45. An extra 15 minutes of sleep may not make a difference in your day, but sex that you wouldn’t have otherwise had will.
  46. It’s one of the few things early birds and night owls can agree on.
  47. Because the clitoris is the opposite of a snooze button.
  48. Any noises your kids hear can be chalked up to “wake-up sounds”
  49. You’re both very horny.
  50. Everything else can go wrong that day, but at least you started it right.