Watch Dope Pope Francis’ TED Talk With Your Kids

Long live the Dope Pope.

pope ted talk

Continuing to be the coolest Pope in the history of the Papacy, Dope Pope Francis made a surprise appearance at the TED2017 Conference yesterday in Vancouver, becoming first Pope ever to give a TED Talk. Pope Francis was still in the Vatican, but his 18-minute speech was beamed into the conference. And what did the Dope Pope talk about? In his native Italian, Francis discussed why inclusivity, humility, and innovation are the building blocks for our best possible future. He also warned against unchecked power and existentially pondered why so many are born into circumstances that leave them ‘discarded.’ It’s a speech that will further Pope Francis’ mainstream appeal, as he’s already made a name for himself by bucking tradition and focusing on issues largely ignored by former, less chill Popes and the Catholic Church as a whole.

Times are a bit bleak. And it’s natural for parents to not want to expose their kids to the current level of political discourse. But the Dope Pope’s heartfelt plea for a society that has a place for everyone rises above the hostility and will resonate with kids of all ages. Just don’t forget to turn on the subtitles. Because as much fun as it is to listen to an excited Pope Francis speak Italian for 18 minutes, it’s even better when you realize what he’s saying. Long live Dope Pope.