These Australian Puppets Are Here To Help Parents Have Sex

The best laid plans.

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Four Seasons Condoms

Research suggests couples only need to have sex once a week for optimal happiness — that’s only about 52 times a year for that tired parent who’s rounding down. While a more recent study shows that married people are hitting mostly hitting that mark at 55 times a year (congrats), it also reveals they’re getting laid less than ever before. Fortunately, an Australian condom company wants to help by acting as an unlikely babysitter. What could go wrong?

After Four Seasons Condoms found that one-third of Australian parents fear interrupted sex, they created The Extendables — a puppet-based show designed to help with parental quickies. By connecting a smartphone to any tablet, computer, or smart TV, the show allows parents to see at what point their kid is in an episode and, if needed, “extend” it by five minutes. The best part is the show enables the webcam on the device of choice to act as a motion detector and alert horny moms and dads when their kids are on the move.

Four Seasons Condoms

Although the company is reportedly launching The Extendables with a Facebook campaign, it seems like more of a publicity play than a real product. Kind of a bummer because, while the show looks like the Fraggle Rock of fornication and the name may be a little phallic, the premise of pairing kids’ TV and motion sensor technology is clever. It’s not that original, as there are motion detecting apps such as iSensory, however, that offer the same option without having to rely on creepy sex puppets (not that there’s anything wrong with that.) That way, whatever a kid wants to watch transforms into a suitable wingman.

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