The Best Sex Positions for When It’s Too Damn Hot Outside

Warm weather demands some careful navigation.

by Carrie Weisman
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Summer is here, which means it’s time for barbecues, beach trips, and — here’s hoping — more sex. Research suggests that vitamin D helps increase testosterone levels in men. And the more testosterone guys have flowing their system, the higher their libido becomes. Though, sadly, the summer sun can also work against us in that regard. According to a study conducted by Trojan Condoms, 35 percent of individuals living in hot climates regularly opt out of sex due to the heat. A separate study lead by researchers over at Tulane University found a similar association between hot weather and sex. Using data collected from the National Climate Center, they determined days the temperature hits 80 degrees or above might actually be associated with fewer births nine months down the road.

But don’t worry. There are ways around this predicament to have great summer sex. You’ve just got to be a bit more methodical in your approach. Listed below are a few tips, tricks, and sex positions for having great summer sex.

Stay Standing

Bodies generate a lot of heat. When we fall into close quarters with a partner, that heat can be easily transferred. And while that’s often a welcome exchange during the winter months, it not ideal for hot, humid weather. Of course, sex requires some touch. But you can pivot your positions to minimize body-on-body contact. Standing-doggy is a good option to entertain in the heat. Both you and your partner should remain standing for this one. Have her bend forward so that you can enter her from behind. It allows for deep and pleasurable penetration without plastering your bodies together.

Mix Up Missionary

Try a variation of an old classic. Have her lay flat on her back while you remain upright and enter her from a 90-degree angle. If you do get the urge to lean forward, have her place her legs on your shoulders. That will at least provide a bit of a buffer between bodies.


Instruct your partner to lie down on her right side. Straddle her right leg and instruct her to wrap her left leg around your waist. It will help prevent all the sweaty body parts from slamming together.

Top Squat

This time, have her climb on top. Think of this as a variation of the classic “cowgirl” position. But instead of her positioning her knees on either side of you, she’ll be squatting instead. This will give her control over the speed and rhythm of sex and, as such, her path to orgasm. And, just as importantly, it means that only the important bits need to make contact during your time together.

Bed Spread

Head to the bedroom. Have your partner lie down on her stomach, with her waist slightly hanging off the edge of the bed. Approach her from behind and grab hold of each of her legs while positioning yourself in between them. It’s a low-contact position that allows for deep, pleasurable penetration.

Accessorize Wisely

Stainless steel sex toys are great to use during the summer months. The material makes it easy to engage in what industry folk refer to as “temperature play.” Leave your piece in a bowl of cold water, or even in front of the AC. It will cool down quickly. And if you don’t already own the right props, you can always make do with what you already have in the house. Ice cubes always make for a fun bedroom accessory. Grab one and slide them up and down your partner’s body. Her body will respond to sensation and begin to prep itself in anticipation for more

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