The Best Sex Positions For Guys With Bad Backs

Just because you can’t entertain all the acrobatics in bed you used to enjoy doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex.

by Carrie Weisman
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Growing older has its perks. It often involves a transition to the routine. Home-cooked meals and earlier bedtimes might not seem sexy, but it sure is healthier than chasing pizza with beer in the early morning hours. Giving less fucks about who you are and how you come across is also pretty nice, too. And, if we turn our focus to aesthetics for a moment, getting a bit greyer up top communicates a certain air of distinction. Whether or not we deserve that status is a different kind of conversation. Of course, aging also comes with its own set of drawbacks, like the slow and steady deterioration of our bodies. Things start to sag, itch, and ache. Often, to the point in which we must adjust the way we approach certain recreations. Like sex.

That’s why decided to put together a sexy guide for those fighting against one of the most common symptoms of aging: back pain. Back pain strikes all of us at some point. But just because you can’t entertain all the acrobatics in bed you used to enjoy doesn’t mean you can’t have great sex, still. Check out our list of suggested sex positions below.

Doggy Style

In 2014, a group of researchers from the University of Waterloo in Canada asked a group of couples to have sex in five different positions, you know, for science. With the help of infrared and electromagnetic motion capture systems, they were able to identify which positions best catered to those suffering from bad backs. Doggy style, as it turns out, came out on top. Having your partner support her weight with her hands is one way to make sure you can stay in a more neutral position during sex. Having her support her weight with her elbows is an even more effective approach. The scientists refer to it as a “spine conserving” position, meaning it requires the least of motion out of you.

Modified Missionary

This position requires you get on top and support your weight with your hands. Instead of elevating her legs, your partner should lower them flat out on the bed. The position doesn’t require a lot of arching or thrusting, which makes things easier on the spine. Another potential variation of this position, albeit slightly less effective at preventing back pain, would be one in which you lower yourself down to your elbows while your partner flexes her hips and knees slightly upward. This is going to gives her more control, so you don’t have to drive the motion all on your own. The less you’re moving around, the more your spine will thank you for it.


Though this one isn’t exactly easy on the spine, the very nature of the position caters to those who experience pain when arching their back. It also allows you to control the pace, which means you can move in whatever way that is most comfortable for you. Another added perk involves the fact that this position does not cater to quick thrusts, which gives you a better shot at lasting longer in bed. It also that frees up your hands, giving you the opportunity to explore other erogenous areas on your partner.

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