4 Baby-Making Sex Myths You Should Stop Worrying About

Also, daily sex may just be slowing you down

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One of the best things about trying to make a baby is how you get it done. After all, who doesn’t enjoy time in the garden planting cabbages and building bird houses for storks?

Okay, clearly those are both myths (sorry if you’re learning this for the first time). But the myths around baby making aren’t just related to leafy vegetables and ephippiorhynchus asiaticus. In fact, there are plenty of tall tales regarding how babies are actually made. Namely: bangin’ (or sexual intercourse if you’re a big square). Here are some of the biggest misconceptions about sex for baby making.


So if you want to make a baby, you should just be having sex all the time, right? Like, morning noon and night, with short breaks to apply various creams to deal with chaffing? Not so fast, cowboy.

Research shows that daily baby-making sex is no more effective in conception than every-other-day sex leading up to your partner’s ovulation. Which is to say that the timing of your getting-it-on is way more important than how often it happens.

And, if getting your partner pregnant is taking a bit longer than expected, a daily sesh might even make your baby-making a hassle. And no one wants sex to become a chore. Too much a good thing, and all that.

Sexual Positions

There are plenty of articles out there that suggest the best sex positions for giving your Phelpsian sperm a head start towards the goal. But there is a serious lack of research to back any of them up. That said, most reproductive health pros say that good ol’ missionary works best. That’s because when she’s on her back it’s more likely her cervix will dip into your, uh, deposit.

There is also a general consensus that you should stay away from positions that will cause your guys to fight gravity. So that means you’ll want to stay away from any coital configuration that keeps her vertical.

That’s not to say you should only limit yourself to dude-on-top when you’re going to humpville. Basically, you should be getting into whatever turns you both on. The last thing you want is to get bored when you’re trying to make a kid. That’s the best way to start messing up your timing and missing important ovulation windows.

Her Orgasm

There are theories out there suggesting that when your partner has an orgasm, the likelihood of conception increases. And obviously, you work tirelessly to make sure your partner is satisfied every time you hop in the sack with her.

But the danger here is that women who struggle with reaching climax might feel like an inability to conceive is their issue. It’s not. There are many factors that surround conception. Not having an orgasm, in and of itself, is not going to keep your sperm from reaching their goal.

Post-Coital Shenanigans

There is no evidence that your lady rolling around, or laying flat, or putting her legs up the wall will increase the likelihood of conception. In fact, it’s probably better if you 2 just hang out and cuddle each other for a bit, enjoying the afterglow. After all, it’s a great time to talk about stork houses and cabbage gardens. Because you might as well cover all your bases. Just in case.

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