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35 Unique Boy Names That Start With ‘A’, From Abbott to Axel

Welcome to the A-Team, little guy.

by Emily Kelleher
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Man looking into infant's eyes as he holds him to his chest

So, you want your little boy to be a member of the A-team. Great! The firs letter of the alphabet is an excellent hunting ground for names and offers a number of classic, cool, and unique names for boys. “A” is a letter that can take you anywhere in the world, back in time, to traditional names like Abram or Anwar, or into the future with cute, sleek boys names like Ace and Atticus. Whether it’s attitude, ambition, or affection that’s keeping you in the A’s, there’s a name here to fit the bill.

When deciding on a baby name some parents keep a sibling’s name in mind, while others are looking for one that sounds good with their last name. Choosing within a letter of the alphabet is a great way to frame the search: Whatever your reason for wanting a baby name from the beginning of the alphabet, these 36 boy names that start with A are a great place to start.

  1. Abbot
  2. Abie
  3. Abraham
  4. Abram
  5. Ace
  6. Adan
  7. Adnan
  8. Adrian
  9. Adriel
  10. Aiden
  11. Alaric
  12. Albert
  13. Albie
  14. Alec
  15. Ali
  16. Allen
  17. Ambrose
  18. Amir
  19. Anders
  20. Angel
  21. Angelo
  22. Anthony
  23. Anwar
  24. Ari
  25. Arkham
  26. Armand
  27. Arlo
  28. Artie
  29. Asher
  30. Aster
  31. Ashton
  32. Atticus
  33. August
  34. Austin
  35. Axel

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