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Borealis Basecamp Is A Sky Gazer’s Paradise

The Alaskan resort offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness adventure — and glass-roofed domes that offer stunning views of the night sky.

by Jared Ranahan
The aurora borealis over the borealis basecamp igloo
Borealis Basecamp

It’s no secret that Alaska is home to some of the most spectacular landscapes in the United States. But with more than 570,000 square miles of land to explore, it can be a little daunting trying to figure out where exactly to visit with your family. While there’s no shortage of top-tier lodges scattered across the state, Interior Alaska’s Borealis Basecamp offers a massive array of outdoor adventure activities suitable for all ages and breathtaking views that are hard to beat. A popular vacation spot during summer, autumn, and winter, this isolated venue is perfect for introducing kids to the incredible scenery, fauna, and natural phenomena of the 49th state.

For those traveling from the Lower 48 up to the Last Frontier, there are a couple of different options for arrival, the most convenient beginning with a flight to Fairbanks. From there, you can hop in a shuttle that runs straight from the airport up to the property in just under an hour. Meanwhile, for the ambitious family, a seven-hour road trip from Anchorage to Borealis Basecamp is certainly an option — and while this luxurious venue is certainly far out of the way, the incredible amenities are well worth the journey.

Many destinations across Alaska offer winter aurora borealis viewing, but Borealis Basecamp has achieved true mastery when it comes to crafting accommodations. The secret to their success: A fleet of ten towering fiberglass igloos equipped with 16-foot-long plexiglass ceiling windows. These massive domes come complete with a shower, toilet, and coffee station just a few steps away from the bed, allowing families to enjoy a dazzling natural light show in the dead of night without having to brave the cold.

While the northern lights are certainly the main wintertime attraction around here, there’s a lot more going on around the camp than just staring at the night sky. For the young animal lover in your life, there are two particularly memorable experiences available for booking during both winter and summer. Guests can channel their inner Santa’s helper with a Reindeer Meet & Greet, offering ample opportunity to feed, pet, and snap a photo with the property’s resident caribou, while the 90-minute Sled Dog Demonstration allows families to get some insight into the inner workings of dog mushing — and maybe pet a few of the friendly canines along the way.

Borealis Basecamp offers a wide array of packages throughout summer, winter, and fall. For summer visitors, a one-night, two-day stay runs about $450 per person; airport pickup, UTV tour, and reindeer hike are included in the cost. If you’re aiming for a winter igloo stay, two nights and three days cost $980 per person and come with airport pickup, a dogsledding excursion, and an hour-long snowmachining trip. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that due to fire regulations, igloos sleep three people maximum — a family of four will need to book two igloos to fit everyone.

Alaska may be rife with natural beauty, but Borealis Basecamp offers a once-in-a-lifetime perspective that’s certain to leave lasting memories. Whether you spring for a sunny summer visit, book a northern lights-filled winter vacation, or head over in autumn to get the best of both worlds, there’s nothing quite as rewarding as a silent night spent soaking in the vast beauty of Interior Alaska.