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Dad Binge

10 Killer Christmas Action Movies That Aren't Die Hard

ByMatthew Jackson

You don't always need Bruce Willis for Christmas to kick *ss.

The Fatherly Turntable

These Are The 2023 Albums That Dads Really Want

ByRyan Britt, Tyghe Trimble and Christian Dashiell

From awesome reissues to new records from great artists, these are the albums that matter the most to the audiophile dad in your life.

A cute toddler with food on her face reaches out to give a lollipop.
Child Development

5 Reasons To Let Kids Buy Presents, According To Child Psychologists

ByLauren Vinopal

Even if it’s with your own money.

Yoto mini
Listen To This

The Best Beatles Gift Right Now Is Great For Kids — And Parents Too

ByRyan Britt

A new way to listen to the Beatles is also a great gift for independent kids.

Positively Shocking

James Bond’s Guide To Getting Fitter, Healthier, And Happier

ByRyan Britt

Let the king of good taste and optimization guide you to become your best self.


Let Your Kids Eat As Many Sweets As They Want For The Holidays. It’s Good For Them

ByTyler Santora

Bestselling author Virginia Sole-Smith wants you to challenge diet culture at the holidays — even if that means the kids don’t eat veggies for a week.


What To Remember Before Buying My Kids A Gift This Holiday, According To 8 Dads

ByEric Alt

Some well-meaning advice for avoiding awkward gift-exchanges with kids.

Going Analog

Awesome Blu-rays and 4K Ultras That Dads Really Want For The Holidays

ByRyan Britt

From awesome re-releases to amazing box sets, it’s all about physical media. Again.

Keepy Uppy

For Real Life! These Are The 21 Best 'Bluey' Gifts

ByMatthew Kaplowitz

There's no wrong way to play with Bluey, and here's our guide to some of our favorites


Couples Fight During The Holidays Because They Forget To Have This Conversation

ByGraham Techler

Aligning on expectations allows for a happier holiday. Do yourselves a big favor and set aside some time for the discussion.