These Are The Items You Need To Prepare For The 2022 Flu Season

Before you even hear a hint of that first sniffle, arm yourself with everything you need to survive the season of sicknesses.

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A father takes his son's temperature.

Flus and colds spread like wildfire in families. Before you know it, one kid’s sniffle turns into another’s cough and a parent’s massive headache. It happens fast, so parents need to be prepared. Don’t wait until everyone is down-and-out to get what you need. A home that is well-stocked and ready for flu season is a home where everyone can crawl into bed and begin to recover. Here’s everything you need to be prepared for the onslaught of colds, flu, and COVID this winter.

Prepare for Sniffles

Stock Up on Fluids

Arm Yourself for Cleanup

Monitor Your Kid’s Temperature

But If They Hate Oral Thermometers...

Soothe Their Sore Throat

Ease the Pain of the Flu

If Your Kid Has a Headache and Fever

But If It’s More All Over Pain

Help Them Relax

Open Airways

Protect Raw Skin

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