If Your Kid Won’t Eat A Healthy Breakfast, Try Having This Machine Make It For Them

Cooler than cold pizza.

Breakfast Making Rube Goldberg Machine

Making breakfast with tiny humans around is not just a challenge, it’s an all out battle to drink some coffee before all hell and cereal breaks lose. It’s the only thing that makes you wish you were Pee Wee Herman (before it got weird), because he figured out that a breakfast machine was the most important machine of the day. Fortunately, 2 old British men also mastered this technology in real life, and you won’t have to explain any internet articles about them to your kid one day.

Sixty-nine year old Peter Browne and his buddy Mervyn Hugget created the “Sunday Morning Breakfast Machine” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It makes soft-boiled eggs and toast, along with a choice of coffee or tea, all for their wive’s every Sunday morning — a day where machines do not rest. Judging from the footage, Browne gets as much out of the process as his wife does out of the product, even if she doesn’t share. According to the video, Peter does the mechanics, Merv does the electronics, and the machine does what it does best: Serves up a damn good time. “The basic thing is to make people laugh. It’s got to look silly, but the main thing is that it obviously has to work well,” Browne says.

If you dream of making a breakfast machine for your family there are a few caveats. Browne is a retired pilot and silversmith who’s been inventing things his entire life, and this still took him and his buddy 1,000 hours to design and build. It might be more practical to teach your kid how to cook, and then you can start them early on lessons like breakfast in bed. Or, you just hold out for a smart kitchen instead. Whichever comes first.

[H/T] Tree Hugger