Scrotox Is Botox, But For Men’s Aging Testicles

Dropping the balls.

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They say that tragedy plus time equals comedy, but when it comes to a new cosmetic procedure for men, it’s comedy (specifically this 2010 SNL sketch) plus time (about 6 years) equals a tragedy that’s being called Scrotox. The Cosmetic Surgery Times originally reported that Beverly Hills dermatologic surgeon Dr. Jason Emer has been investigating Scrotox — aka the use of botox on your scrotum. Do you believe the balls on this guy? Lower.

Dr. Emer — who you can add on Facebook — has performed penile enhancement procedures for years, but stumbled across this specific form of manginal rejuvenation when providing hair removal services to that specific area. When patients praised the procedure for improving how wrinkly they were, the good doctor noted the demand, and apparently, it’s not only cosmetic. “My marathon runners and cyclists who get inner thigh rubbing and irritation from sweat, benefit from this treatment as it decreases skin burn,” he explained, confirming why you should never exercise again.

While this may sound completely insane, it’s not the first time botulism’s little sister has been shot through genitals. Women have been using it their junk since as early as 2012, mostly to treat a rare illness called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, which is not nearly as awesome as it sounds. It’s also been known to treat sweaty genitals, or Schweddy Balls. When you figure in the Scrotox sketch as well, this might just be an Alec Baldwin problem.

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