December Babies Make Peace With Their Birthdays and Live Longer, Happier Lives

There's more to being a December than birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper.

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Kids with December birthdays may have to compete with Christmas and the holidays, but according to the research, it’s not all bad. There are a number of studies that show being a winter baby has both short-term perks and long-term advantages important enough to outweigh the frustration of having Santa crash birthday parties. There are also — as with all birth months — some disadvantages, but most of the news is good for kids born in December.

December Babies Are More Likely to Live to 100

People born in December are significantly more likely to live up to age 105 compare to those born in the summer, one study of centenarians says. The research compared the birth months of 1,574 people who lived past 100, to that of 10,885 shorter-lived siblings and 1,083 spouses, and found that what December birthdays lack in quality, they make up for in quantity. You can share the spotlight with Santa when you’re going to have over 100 of them.

December Babies Have Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risk

December babies may have more birthdays ahead of them due to a lower for cardiovascular disease, data on 1,749,400 people suggests. The study showed that people born September through December were more protected from cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for men in America. So for December dudes, this is extra good news.

December Babies Are Easy to Get Along With

Individuals born in the winter are generally less irritable compared to their summer-born counterparts, a survey of 366 college students shows. Participants were asked a series of questions such as “My mood often changes for no reason” and “I love to tackle new projects, even if risky” and “I complain a lot.” Results confirm that being born in July is what your coworker’s problem is.

December Babies Save Money on Dental Care

Going to the dentist may not be as much of a drag for December babies, because they’re more likely to be dentists themselves. At least, that’s what census analysis out of the UK Office for National Statistics seemed to indicate. While it was a British study, the average salary of for dentists in the U.S. is $147,922. Hopefully, it applies across the pond where the teeth are stereotypically less work.

December Babies Aren’t Weird About Their Birthdays

Research shows that the worst birthday out of all 365 days is December 16th, compared to the best birthday on July 28th. The survey was conducted by the flower company Interflora and not exactly scientific, but underscores in underrated personality train people born in December possess: Not giving a shit about their birthdays. Even if it may be an adaptive trait developed over many mediocre birthdays, it’s a good quality to have. If it’s never your party, you don’t have anything to cry about.

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