Watch The Longest Domino Line of All Time Tumble

Youtuber Hevesh5 broke the record for the longest-ever domino line with this 15,524 piece setup.

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longest domino line ever

It took hours to place the 15,524 dominoes in this serpentine setup, and only five minutes for them to fall down. But Hevesh5, the young YouTuber behind it, will be earning props for the creation long after the last piece topples. Because her chain broke the record for the longest-ever domino line, beating the previous world record of 12,610 dominoes set last year by fellow YouTuber 101gabed by nearly 3,000 dominoes. The world of professional dominoes is not that well known to us, but that sounds like a pretty sound victory.

Hevesh5 is no stranger to the domino game. One of the foremost builders in the world, she posts weekly techno-backed videos of her incredible domino line setups, which range from complex chains of color-changing dominos to 200,000 domino Rube Goldbergian masterpieces. She has more than 1 million subscribers is regularly featured in advertisements and films. One of her setups was by far the best part in that terrible movie where Will Smith talks about time, death, and love.

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The record-breaking domino setup took two days to build and Hevesh5 needed plenty of help from her friends; designing the intricate line likely took many more weeks. All the hard work paid off, as Hevesh5 now holds a place in the world record books, alongside living legends like the man who ran the world’s fastest marathon while pushing a stroller and, our personal favorite, the guy who built the world’s largest hot dog stand. Congrats.

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