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The Best Wallets for Men So You Never Have a George Costanza Moment

No more exploding Costanza wallets, ever.

A great wallet may be small, but the best wallets for men make a mighty big statement. Look no further than the classic Seinfeld skit featuring the iconic George Costanza wallet that explodes on a city street. It would be funnier if men didn’t often suffer from the same problem. Small wallets for men are the way to go, because that fat wallet, with its half-filled punch cards, is only slowing you down, even as its besieged seams threaten to give up the ghost any minute.

If your wallet has seen better days, now’s the time to update it before you, like Costanza, see your life in paper float away in a strong breeze.

Whether or not you want to go minimalist with your next wallet, there are plenty of options. Rugged leather, technical fabrics, and synthetic weaves all pop their heads up in the modern space. Plus, you may want to opt for a radio frequency identification (RFID) blocking wallet to help prevent credit card and identity theft. Oh, and wallets make great gifts.

Our advice: Find the wallet you’d want to pull from your back pocket at your favorite bar. That’s your next best friend.

Best Wallets For Men

This work of art is a wallet, sure, but it also holds a multi-tool with 10 functions.

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Pros: If you’re at home in the great outdoors, this is your wallet. Inspired by the military and first responders, this is a utility wallet that holds 16 cards. It comes with a multi-tool that works as a seat belt cutter, nail pryer, hex wrench, and of course, a bottle opener, among other things.

Cons: If you’re not gonna use the multi-tool, don’t get this thing.

You can't get much sleeker than this men's wallet, which is made from a single piece of aluminum, cut into the perfect shape to holds exactly the number of cards you need.

Pros: This wallet cuts out all the extras that bring on the bulge. It does not block RFID, which means you can use it to quickly access cards. There are no screws, hinges, snaps, magnets, straps or rubber bands to break apart. And it’s gorgeous.

Cons: It has no pockets, which may require a sizable adjustment on your part.

So if a truly minimalist wallet isn't your thing, check out this gorgeous hand-stained bifold leather wallet.

Pros: It’s roomy without remotely having a Costanza moment. This slim bifold has six card pockets and two interior pockets and just looks better the more you use it.

Cons: Even though it’s small, it could be too cumbersome if you truly want a low profile.

We love Bellroy's sublime leather goods, and this billfold, made from environmentally certified leather, is a perfect example of the brand's minimalist aesthetic.

Pros: We could go on for days about the beauty of this wallet, with its slim profile, bifold closure, and RFID protection. But it speaks for itself. It fits 5-12 cards, and has space for coins.

Cons: Some say the color doesn’t hold up.

This buttery-soft card case from Filson is made from vegetable-tanned bridle leather and has a bi-fold design with five card sleeves.

Pros: This is minimalism raised to a fine art. The wallet has a cash compartment, if you’re into carrying around the greenbacks, and has heavy-duty nylon threading for extra durability.

Cons: It’s on the smaller side, especially if you like to tote your entire office in your back pocket.

If you're a guy who takes notes on the go, this wallet is for you. It holds up to four cards per pocket and has one pocket dedicated for a pen.

Pros: This is one fine-looking men’s wallet. The exterior is made of water resistant DTEX material, it has RIFD blocking, and it has a built-in bottle opener. It weighs only four ounces and has an anodized aluminum wallet frame.

Cons: We’re picky, damn straight. And this wallet is a winner.

If really want to go minimal, you should own this wallet. It fits cash and up to 15 cards

Pros: Bellroy makes dope wallets. Period. This tiny wallet has a slot for a SIM card, plus a surprising amount of room for bills, coins, and cards. It’s four inches wide by 2.6 inches tall.

Cons: It’s small, as noted above.

For the man who realizes he can do more with less, the Rail Jamie Magic wallet provides quick access to necessities while eschewing the bulk and that telltale bump on your bottom.

ProsWith construction worthy of any magician, the two-part Jamie seems like a normal card wallet, with each side holding two slots’ worth of cards. But with the quick flip of the wrist, its elastic connectors open the inside to reveal cash and a special reserve pocket. The slim shape has plenty of space while creating the slightest of silhouettes in your back or side pocket. It’s also equipped with RFID protection technology.

ConsFor dads who still carry photos of their family, we worry that its open design won’t offer enough protection. Without a plastic protector and a sealed fold, we’re seeing serious wear in any photo’s future.

Everyone is concerned about digital security, and RFID protection offers peace of mind when you’re moving through big groups, whether on vacation or on the way to the office. Herschel Supply Co.’s Hank RFID bifold wallet combines a great-looking package with added safety.

Pros: On its face, the Hank is reminiscent of most Herschel products: a durable polyester weave fabric and its trademark patch logo. Inside, a leather-like material includes three slots for cards and a transparent plastic protector for an ID, with a main bill compartment lined with a contrasting striped fabric. But unseen to the eye, RFID protection ensures that your digital details stay safe.

ConsWhile built like a regular wallet, this runs on the small side. 

Few companies know leather as well as Frye. (Just ask your wife about her favorite boots.) As such, it’s no surprise that its Logan leather wallet is an easy pick. Its classic good looks and durable construction give us confidence we’ll have it for the long haul.

ProsWe could laud its features, like an interior ID window, currency pouch, slip pockets, and three card slots. But what sells this wallet for us is its beautiful chestnut-brown cow leather. Thick and supple, it looks good out of the box but better with a few months’ wear. The unique patina it displays is distinct to you, telling a story of all the places you’ve been.

ConsWith Frye, a lot of your money goes into the quality of the leather rather than the features themselves. As such, when broken down by bullet points, this isn’t an especially noteworthy wallet. But for men who like the classic materials—brass, waxed cotton, and leather—this is something they’ll love.

Odds are if you don’t own a pair of Red Wing’s iconic men’s boots yourself, one of your buddies does. As such, this guy’s favorite knows a thing or two about durable, cool accessories, and its leather card holder is another sure favorite.

ProsMinimalists, rejoice: This card holder wallet has slots in a bifold design hold business and credit cards, along with an ID. Admit it: You gave up cash in the last few years and big wallets just provide fertile ground for clutter. The Holder gives you everything you need and nothing more.

ConsAs with other minimalist wallets, this option can run a little lean for some men. If you must carry more, you’d best keep looking.

This wallet, by Bellroy, is another top choice for minimalists. It holds up to 11 cards, plus folded bills. And it's made from supple leather and has RFID protection.

Pros: Blue steel, indeed. This is the wallet for guys who want to make a quiet statement. You get a surprising amount of storage, for a slim profile. And it’s great for men who carry cards, but aren’t cash-heavy.

Cons: Some say it’s too small, and falls out of pockets.

The ultimate minimalist knows that the best way to trim down is not to slim individual items but to combine them, thereby reducing the number of things you carry. You’re already going to have your smartphone with you, so the Speck Presidio wallet makes it easy to include ID and credit cards as a package deal.

ProsWhile providing impact projection from dings and drops up to 10 feet, the Presidio also includes a three-card slot on its back, allowing you to carry an ID and two cards. It’s the company’s slimmest case ever despite a substantial capacity. We also liked the raised edges around the face, which offer additional screen protection from the unexpected. 

ConsIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that the fatal flaw in this theory is that if you lose your phone, you’ve also lost your ID and two cards. If you’re careless with your phone, this case is only going to make your life harder.

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