This Awesome Pool Float Truck Has a Beer Cooler Hidden in its Hood

Going back to dry land to get a cold drink will be a thing of the past.

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Your pool might already be crowded with a lazy mascot and/or a floating ShotSki, but we’re here to tell you about another pool float that’s worthy of some wet real estate: the Bestway CoolerZ Big Red Truck. It’s a combination pool float-floating beer cooler, a great way to stretch out in the sun, floating the day away while keeping cold drinks chilled and conveniently hidden in a very clever spot.

The inflatable flatbed is roughly 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. It has a windshield complete with printed-on wipers and wheels that look half-submerged when it’s in the water. There are headlights and a grille on the front of the float, and a license plate printed on the back because hell yeah there is. On the other side of the float, the main seating/lounging area is in what would be the bed of the truck.

The real draw here is, of course, the secret cooler. In a compartment under the “hood” that can be filled with ice and your favorite beverages. It’s a game-changer that’ll let you float around the lake or the pool for hours without needing to run to the fridge or the cooler to get a fresh beverage.

The float has room for two to stretch out their legs and lean against the soft backrest. A word of warning: its listed capacity is just 250 pounds, so all but children and the sveltest of adults should probably stick to a one-person-at-a-time policy.

Besides the novelty of floating around on a drink-laden vessel, this thing seems to be a solid pool float. It weighs 20.4 pounds, which points to the thickness of the material, and has heavy-duty handles for easy hauling in and out of the water.

And don’t worry: there are also two built-in cupholders, so it’s just as convenient to have an open beer on this float as it is to keep the closed ones cold.

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