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The Best Pool Floats for Kids (And Adults)

And yes, you do need this giant inflatable dragon.

For those of us who can’t self-isolate on yachts this summer, a giant pool float will have to do. Pool floats and inflatable rafts have long been summer essentials. And while you can still buy your standard old pool float and drift around on a slowly sinking neon plank, there’s an incredible variety of cool new inflatable pool toys out there. A giant inflated unicorn, half-oyster shell, or T-rex can turn a simple Saturday-afternoon drift on the nearest pool or pond into the pinnacle of luxurious alone time. Or all-pile-on-the-giant-avocado togetherness time. In addition to being fun and unique, the best pool floats are also durable, and easy to inflate and deflate.

So when your kids tire of playing child-friendly games on their water tables, the whole family can set sail on one of these fanciful, stylish, and awesome pool floats.

The Best Pool Floats for Kids and Adults 

Nothing better than floating on a slice of summer. This watermelon island, seeds and all, is 6 feet in diameter and fits two adults comfortably.

Tyrannosaurs Rex may no longer roam North America, but he's still king of the pool floats. At over 10 feet long, from tail to teeth, this giant inflatable dinosaur eats other floats for lunch.

If any other pizza hit the pool it would be an unabashed tragedy, but once you toss this jumbo slice into the water the fun can begin. Your kids can keep their cold drinks secure with the twin beverage sheaths on the 75-by-61-inch float — and you can keep your cold beers at hand once you commandeer the float from them. Beyond that crucial feature, this float is made with thicker (0.27-mm) material that's fade-resistant and non-toxic. Just don't try to eat the pepperonis.

No ugly duckling here. This 74-inch-wide swan is big enough to hold up to two people, and its five separate chambers mean it's likely to hold air for longer than a single-chamber design would. While not as flashy as some of the mythical creature pool floats out there, the pristine white this swan still looks great. You can sit on it, hugging the neck for support, or lean back on the tail and wing sections for a more relaxed day floating around the pond or pool.

If you're not into playing beer pong, then use this giant pool float as your own aquatic bartender. This pool float has a built-in cooler to keep your drinks cold and slots for your cups. Bottoms up. It's 6 feet long. Bottoms up, again.

Yeehaw! Grab that proverbial bull by the horns with this insanely cool and coolly insane float. It includes its very own mini-bull drink-holder float, and can hold two adults, or a few kids (maximum weight is 500 pounds). It's made of premium UV treated vinyl.

Name one single reason not to buy this motorized pool lounge chair, which has dual 66W motors with independent joystick controls at the end of each armrest. So now, instead of swimming to the bar, you can motor up to it.

If cost isn't a consideration, forgot pool floats and get an entire floating dock instead. Life really is more fun on the water, especially if you can live it on this luxe 10-by-6-foot extended swim platform. It can hold 1,500 pounds, inflates in eight minutes, deflated in five minutes, and is easily stored. Load it up with loungers, beer, coolers, you name it.

We're guessing if this dragon pool float was available way back when, Daenerys Targaryen would be using it. When fully inflated, this fiercely realist dragon pool float is just under 8 feet long, has a recessed seating area suitable for two people, and a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

This 63-inch-long avocado float comes with a bonus beach ball in form of its removable pit. Ideally paired with a giant inflatable onion, lime, and tomato (for pool float guac), this avocado float is the perfect amount of silly. It's also nice and heavy-duty, with a weight capacity of 440 pounds and a quick-inflate valve to get you into the water faster.

A minimalist float that makes it easy to keep cool, even on hot summer days at the pool. Two inflatable pillows are connected by a stretch of comfortable mesh so you're truly floating on the water. Roomy for one but accommodates two, you can also re-finagle the water hammock into a lounge chair. Because it's mostly mesh, it's also easy to inflate and super portable. Weight capacity 250 pounds.

Had Jay Gatsby lived in our time of giant, fun pool floats, he almost certainly would've had a dozen of these floating on the pool — surprisingly elegant but just as fun as a rainbow unicorn, this oyster comes with a pearl-inspired beachball.

This pool float lounger is like having your own La-Z-Boy in the water. The contoured design brings the comfort and the cup holder brings the refreshments. Or ice cream.

Your pool will be a desolate realm without this majestic unicorn pool afloat in it. Not only does this unicorn float bring the magic, it's also practical and is designed to hold two adults (weighing a total of 400 pounds).

This giant pool float has two air chambers and two cup holders. Clocking in at 71 by 53 inches, this giant pool float chair is everything you ever imagined, for lazy days spent sipping beers and cruising around in the water.

If you can't go on safari, bring the safari to you with this elephant pool float. This whopper of a pool float can hold up to 500 pounds of weight. It's 4 feet wide and almost 3 feet tall.

Induct your littlest ones into the wonders of summertime pool time with this covered baby pool float. Recommended for babies 9 months and older, this baby pool float features a very sweet octopus that turns 360 degrees, as well as a squeaker, rattle, stacking rings, and soft touch star. It also provides UPF 50+ sun protection.

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