Toylander’s Series 1 Is an Awesome Mini Land Rover For Kids

Toylander's version of the original Land Rover is one of the coolest ride-on toys we've ever seen.

Toylander is a company that makes a product that is expensive and that no one really needs. It sounds like a bad business model, but Toylander has been in business for more than 30 years. The secret to its success? While completely unnecessary, the handmade, kid-sized electric cars they produce are so damn cool that people just keep buying them. Their best? A replica of the 1948 Series 1, the first Land Rover (and one of the coolest SUVs) ever produced. It’s one of the coolest ride-on toys we’ve ever seen.

Today’s car designers are in an endless competition to be as sleek as possible, but back in 1948 there was nothing wrong with being boxy. The flat front of the Land Rover looks delightfully vintage now, as does its topless design, perpendicular to the ground folding windscreen, and rounded head and taillights.

The Toylanded Series 1 comes with forward and reverse gears, accelerator, footbrake, handbrake, working lights, an opening tailgate, pneumatic tires (sorry, tyres) and working horn. Three radial gauges, a metal switch, and a red button give the interior a retro look that matches the outer styling.

Under the hood, this car comes with two motors, two batteries, and a charger. It’s top speed: a blistering five miles per hour.

This electric car is assembled to order, so it’s fully customizable. You can choose the paint that goes on its MDF panels, the license plate number, and even which side of the car you want the steering wheel to be on. We recommend the classic pale green and right-hand side wheel placement for the most historically accurate look.

Adding to the absurdity of this vehicle is the price: £4,150, or over $5,400, figures that don’t even include delivery. The minute our lotto numbers hit and we have some money to burn, we’ll be placing an order. Until then, we’ll continue to drool over the Toylander Series 1 from afar.

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