The Best Jeep Power Wheels & Ride-On Toys for Kids

Who's up for some off-roading?

One of the most exciting gifts a child can receive is a new car. Whether you want your kid to know the joy of roaring through the mud or simply want them to cruise the cul-de-sac in style, these jeeps are up to the task. Not only are they fun for kids as young as three years old, but they’re also outfitted with a number of safety features such as speed governors, brakes that kick in as soon as a foot is off the pedal, and parental remotes, that provide peace of mind while your kids eat up the pavement. Sure you might have to spend a few hours assembling these, but crack a cold one and think about the joy in your kid’s eye when they climb into it. Here are our favorites.

Power Wheels Tough Talking Jeep Wrangler

Designed to look like a Jeep Wrangler, this two-seat Jeep it has flame stickers on the sides, a storage area in the back, and knobby tires that will work great on dirt and grass. The Wrangler tops out at 5mph and its battery will hold a charge for several hours. It can move forward and backward, and the Power-Lock brake system ensures that the vehicle stops the moment your kid takes his foot off the pedal. Maybe the item your child will love the most, and you might hate eventually, it the amplifying microphone preloaded with sound effects that lets them call out to you from across the yard. Suitable for children 3 to 7 years old.

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Big Toys Green Country Lifted Jeep

This mini vehicle’s fat tires and high clearance lift kit alone will irresistibly draw kids to it, and that’s before they even drive it. It has three speeds forward (2/3/5 MPH) plus actual working doors and lighted instrument panel. It comes with a parental remote that allows you to control the vehicle while children as young as one sit strapped into the seat. The remote also acts like a parental governor too when they get older since it stops the vehicle if they get out of range, and has an emergency stop button on it. It also has working front headlights, realistic start and stop sounds, and enough clearance to tackle some serious obstacles. Designed for kids aged one to 5 years old.

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Peg Perego John Deere Gator XUV

No discussion of off-roading vehicles for kids would be complete without the inclusion of a John Deere, the workhorse of many farms across the world. This one has a realistic dump bed with working tailgate,  knobby tires that allow it to tackle most terrain, and a trailer hitch to tow things with (there is a separate trailer available). It tops out a 5 mph and can seat two riders. There is a lockout that allows parents to set the top speed at 2.5 MPH for beginners and automatic brakes to ensure a quick stop. As it’s designed for a large age range (3-8 years) the seats are adjustable to allow you to keep it as your child grows.

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Uenjoy Kids Electric Power Wheels

This Jeep is loaded with so many features, it makes many adult-sized rides feel outmatched. Outside, it has working fog lights, swamp lights, a roll bar, fat front bumper, and knobbly tire; inside, there’s a music system, numerous working switches, and bench seat with a safety belt for two. Hell, there are even two gearboxes for stashing toys. A spring suspension system ensures a smooth ride and it hits a top speed of 4mph. There’s also a remote to allow you control if you think your kiddo is not quite up to the task.  Suitable for children aged 3-7.

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Power Wheels Barbie Dune Racer

Fine, fine: This Barbie-themed buggy is a dune racer not a Jeep. But who cares? This is one sweet ride. It allows drivers to tackle a variety of terrains—wet grass, mud, dirt, and gravel — and the low-profile buggy, which tops out at 5mph (4mph reverse), has two high-backed seats with ample head support. Each of those seats is also equipped with metal sidebars and stable hand supports. Even more enticing for you is the high-speed lockout that allows you to put a governor on the speeds it can hit, as well as the Power Lock brake system that automatically stops the car when your kid’s foot leaves the pedal. Suitable for kids 3 to 7 years old.

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