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8 Ridiculous Tiny Houses For Sale on Amazon

Need a backyard guest house? A cabin on wheels? These eight small tiny houses can be purchased on Amazon and shipped to your door.

The tiny house lifestyle — as captured in at least five different television shows — is all about minimalism. Its adherents simply don’t have space for a lot of stuff. Moving into a tiny home means eliminating what you don’t actually need. It’s kind of the opposite of the Amazon ethos, making it easy for you – and profitable for them — to buy as much stuff as possible. Of course, another part of Amazon’s appeal is the sheer variety of items it sells. They have everything thee days, including ridiculous backyard shed and tiny houses.

And if your your life circumstances — having a family, for instance — prevent you from living in a tiny house, plenty of these build-it-yourself edifices are small enough to fit in a backyard, becoming the home office, playroom, guest room, pool house, garden house, or game room that you always wanted. Here are eight very cool tiny houses sold on Amazon.

Lillevilla Escape

For less than $5,000, you get a single room with 113 square feet of space. It’s made of one and three-quarter inch-thick Nordic spruce and has a door and window. The biggest caveat with this home is that it comes with a ceiling but not a roof, so you’ll need to figure out what kind of exterior roofing material you want on your own.

Buy Now $4990

Cedarshed CookHouse, 16 x 12

This structure looks straight out of the wild west, with a Dutch door (the kind that’s split into top and bottom halves) and all-wood construction. There’s a porch that wraps around two sides of the building and plenty of windows to let in light.

Buy Now $7257

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Allwood Sommersby

This cabin is divided roughly in half. On the left side there’s a small porch — just about four feet deep and eight feet wide — with a set of double glass doors that gives way to the indoor area, 174 square feet of versatile space. The doors on the left and the tall windows on the right mean that this one gets plenty of light.

Buy Now $8360

Lillevilla Allwood Cabin Kit Getaway

One of the best ways to make a tiny home feel bigger is a loft. Putting the bedroom upstairs (or up a ladder as in this cabin) where there’s less headroom works because you don’t need much vertical space to sleep. The downstairs is split into a 156 square foot living area in the front and two smaller areas in the back underneath the loft, great places to have a small kitchen, bathroom, and/or storage area. But the best thing about this house is the included front terrace that offers ample space for outdoor relaxation.

Buy Now $18800

Weizhengheng Expandable Container House with Solar Energy

If your tastes run more modern than rustic, this galvanized steel home is a great choice. An array of solar panels folds up from the roof, providing electricity to help power the lights and air conditioner. Other things that fold or pop out: an awning over the set of double doors, a panel that provides ventilation for an air conditioner, a small porch area, and a rear enclosure that slides out to increase interior space.

Buy Now $25800

Allwood Eagle Point Cabin Kit

At 1,108 square feet, this build-it-yourself house barely qualifies as tiny. It even has two floors connected by a staircase that snakes around a corner. The upstairs has room for a master bedroom on one side of the staircase and a smaller living area or office on the other. Downstairs, there’s a kitchen, living room, bathroom, second bedroom, and foyer. Outside, there’s a covered patio, 17 feet long and about four and a half feet deep.

Buy Now $46900

Bantam Built Tiny House on Wheels

If you think you might want to take your tiny house on the road, this model from Bantam Built is a solid choice. It sits on a standard trailer chassis for easy transport from place to place, though we can’t recommend riding in the house when it is in motion. The interior has a small kitchen and dining area, a full bathroom, and a cozy bedroom.

Buy Now $51749

Allwood Barrel Sauna

So it’s technically not a tiny house, as living in a sauna doesn’t seem particularly safe, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include this cylindrical marvel. In the front there’s a small sheltered outdoor area with a couple of seats, the middle compartment is a changing area, and the rear is the sauna itself, available with a panoramic window that takes up half of the rear wall. Wood-fired and electric heaters are available, and both come with sauna stones.

Buy Now $7990