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8 Tiny Houses for Sale on Amazon

Need a backyard guest house? A cabin on wheels? These seven tiny houses can be purchased on Amazon and shipped to your door.

Now that most of the nation has been working from home while also home-schooling kids for a couple of months, the romantic appeal of a tiny house has taken on an element of serious pragmatism. While most of these tiny houses can be made into full-time living spaces or guest quarters, all of them work as the home office, play zone, temporary classroom, gardening studio, or game room you’ve always wanted and suddenly need. A tiny house is an at-home oasis, where you can bask either in beautiful solitude or relaxed togetherness.

The tiny house lifestyle has spawned at least five different television shows and dozens of glossy photo books and DIY manuals. Part of the original appeal was that tiny houses facilitated a minimalist and less stressful existence, by forcing its occupant to eliminate what you don’t actually need. It’s kind of the opposite of the Amazon ethos, which makes it as easy as possible to buy as much as possible. Ironically, Amazon is also a great place to find tiny houses for sale.

The tiny houses for sale these days run the gamut, from nostalgic Gold Rush cabins to sleek modernist micro-homes. With their modular designs and studiously curtailed square footage, tiny houses offer a brief respite from the complexity of daily life. Here are eight very cool tiny houses for sale on Amazon.

8 Tiny Houses You Can Call Home

Meant to conjure the open-plan airy elegance of a seaside resort, albeit in on a tiny, tiny scale, this modernist cabin would make a perfect pool house. Don't have a pool? It still makes a great micro-paradise tucked into a far corner of the yard. Fling open the French doors, make some cucumber water, and relax at the world's most elite resort.

Though the design was inspired by the wagons that headed West in the 19th century, this wagon-cabin is built to stay put — the wheels are purely decorative. No foundation, however, likely means no building permit — and lots of flexibility in placement as a sunny garden cottage, studio, or guest house. At 117 square feet, it’s truly tiny, but the ample windows and high barrel-shaped ceiling give your imagination extra room to roam.

This eminently livable tiny home comes with 540 square feet of living space (that can be divided as you wish into functional rooms) plus a roomy little sleeping loft. The kit comes with all the fixings (hinges, nails, locks, etc.), triple-glass windows and doors, and is made of high-quality Nordic wood — and because those wall planks are heftier that one typically finds in tiny house kits, the Avalon's energy efficient and has potential as a year-round home.

From Estonian company Q-Haus, this prefabricated modernist gem is still legitimately tiny at 774 square feet — though it can be laid out to accommodate three bedrooms, two baths, full kitchen, and sauna. Suitable for all seasons and climates, the manufacturer touts its use of smart-home technology to create an eco-friendly living space. Needless to say, this is one of the priciest tiny homes for offer on Amazon, but unlike most others, it comes fully outfitted with electrical, plumbing, heating, windows, and built-in sauna. Despite the hefty price tag, it quickly sold out over the summer, though is now back in stock.

Classic tiny house dimensions at 172 square feet. This modernist mini cottage may prove too tiny to call home, but the very airy, sunlight-streamed main room is a perfect office space or art studio or simply a place to lounge, while you tend to a barbecue out on the covered wooden porch. According to Allwood, two adults can get this tiny house up and running in just 8 hours.

This one also looks straight out of the Wild West, with a Dutch door (the kind that's split into top and bottom halves) and the warm, rustic look of unpainted wood. A porch wraps almost entirely around the cabin, with plenty of windows to let in light. Paneled and shingled with Western Red Cedar, naturally resistant to decay, this shed is built to endure. Plexiglass windows, decorative shutters, and black powder-coated steel hardware included: It's a total tiny home package.

This cabin includes indoor and outdoor spaces crafted out of Nordic Spruce — the wall planks connect with a tongue-and-groove mechanism that's easy to assemble. This cabin is divided roughly in half. On the left side there's a small porch — just about 4 feet deep and 8 feet wide — with a set of double glass doors that gives way to the indoor area, with 174 square feet of versatile space. The doors on the left and the tall windows on the right mean that this one gets plenty of light.

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While it's technically not a tiny house, as living in a sauna doesn't seem particularly safe, we'd be remiss if we didn't include this cylindrical marvel. In the front there's a small sheltered outdoor area with a couple of seats, the middle compartment is a changing area, and the rear is the sauna itself, available with a panoramic window that takes up half of the rear wall. Wood-fired and electric heaters are available, and both come with sauna stones.

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