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These New Arcade Machines Are Made For Your Mancave

Finally a chance to beat your high score on 'Asteroids' from the comfort of your own home.

Video game nostalgia is a growing sector of the industry, but it’s mostly been confined to console gaming. Led by the massive success of Nintendo’s console rereleases, companies are reviving everything from niche classics like  The Oregon Trail to more obscure platforms like NeoGeo. Classic joysticked arcade cabinets haven’t reached the same level of popularity. But that may change with release of a new line of arcade cabinets form Arcade1Up, which are well priced, straight-out-of-the-80s-pizza-shop machines loaded with classic games.

Each system is stored in a classic arcade cabinet, detailed with characters from the games. Available machines include Gallaga, Centipede, Rampage, Street Fighter II, and Asteroids. Each features a different combination of joysticks, trackballs, and buttons depending which games it has. For instance, the Street Fighter II version has the joysticks and 6-button array you need to shoryuken! the hell out of opponents; the Centipede machine features a trackball for slithering.

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You’ll need a screwdriver and some Ikea-level carpentry skills to assemble these machines, which are 3/4 the size of their coin-operated forebears (about four feet tall, two feet deep, and a foot and a half wide). Speaking of coins, you won’t need any for the Arcade1Up, so unfortunately you won’t be able to make any money off of your kids when they start button mashing.


Each cabinet contains a 17″ LCD screen and features original, officially licensed artwork. A riser for shorter players and a stool for long-term players are available separately. The Arcade1Up is available for pre-order now. It normally retails for $399.99, but Wal-mart has it for $299 today. Cabinets will start shipping some time in the fall.

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