This Jump Rope Brings Electricity To The Developing World (And Your Phone) When You Play With It

With one simple toy you can do humanity two huge favors: Provide clean, off-grid electricity to some of the 1.2 billion people who lack it, and burn off that dadbod.

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The PULSE by Uncharted Play looks like an ordinary jump rope, but it’s also a battery charger that uses kinetic energy generated by skipping it to power a phone, laptop or other USB-charged device. Besides exhausting your kid, 15 minutes of normal skipping (or 7 minutes of double-unders if you want to impress Kelly Starrett) can also illuminate an included portable LED lamp for more than 2 hours. If none of that impresses you, it’s probably been a while since you last jumped rope or spent 2 hours without electricity.

Life without electricity is a daily reality for 1.2 billion people worldwide, and those are the people Uncharted Play is looking to help with the PULSE and its earlier release, the SOCCKET ball. For every jump rope or ball sold, the company provides one to a kid in a developing country. So, yes, that means there’s now a Warby Parker for toys.

Inspiring a healthy lifestyle, keeping your own sorry ass in shape, and paying it forward are noble goals that often get thwarted by more pressing concerns like dislodging whatever object is currently lodged up your kid’s nose. With a single PULSE, you can check all 3 boxes with one purchase — fishing that LEGO out of their nasal cavity is on you, though.

PULSE by Uncharted Play ($99)

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