The Best Superhero Toys & Gear For Kids

All the superhero supplies your kid needs to get into the spirit. If you need these for yourself, there's a website for that, too — but this ain't it.

by Steve Schiff
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If you and the kid are regular attendees of Comic-Con, the annual four-day nerdfest celebrating all things sci-fi, fantasy, cosplay, exclusive toys, and real-life Peter Griffin lightsaber battles (why not?), you’ve probably already got a Batmobile Cozy Coupe in your garage. If, however, you’re putting together your first Con-semble, or just want to get in the spirit, here are the best superhero toys, costumes, and gear for kids to inspire your young Jedi.

Vans Toddler Star Wars Slip-On Shoes

The Comic-Con Exhibit Hall covers more than 460,000 square feet, so comfort is paramount, but so is attention to detail. Just ask any sci-fi writer who has sat on a panel getting grilled about plot holes they never knew existed. That’s why your kid’s getup must be on point, not just down to the shoes but down to a special message on the back for all the fanboys.

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Star Wars R2D2 On Patrol 16 Backpack

More than 40 years and six movies later (let’s not talk about The Clone Wars), the little trash can droid is still everyone’s favorite Star Wars character. That could change after BB-8 rolls his way into your heart this Christmas, but for now R2D2 was born to ride on your kid’s back just like he did for Luke back in the ’70s.

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Marvel Iron Man Hero Helmet

Tony Stark isn’t exactly known for putting safety first, but neither are kids. You know what both of them care about most of all? Being a badass superhero. This Iron Man helmet will protect your kid from all the swords and lightsabers being swung around is just a bonus.

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Homemade superhero costumes be damned; all you need to wow an exhibition hall full of super fans is some clever packaging and pithy copy. Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. also makes a gallon can of Carbonated Future, so pick that up if you want to show convention-goers whether they’ll still be living in their mom’s basement in 10 years.

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Thermos Batman Cape Lunch Bag

If George Costanza is to be believed, Superman is the only man in a cape you can trust. Costanza also loves a good sandwich, though, so maybe he’d make an exception for lunchboxes in capes. True to Caped Crusader mythology, this one even has a secret cooler compartment. It’s the Batcave of lunch bags.

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Lego Emmet Hoodie

If you plan to take your kid to the DC Comics “Art Of The Brick” Lego panel, this is the perfect superhero costume. It’s also the perfect superhero costume because it doesn’t require the effort of most Comic-Con costumes, and also because Lego is one of the last bastions of Comic-Con that hasn’t been co-opted by adults (first bump to you, Minions).

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Green Lantern Infant Snapsuit

What’s that? Your super power is you have a magic ring? Cool story, Frodo. Nobody really likes the Green Lantern, but the color looks great on your kid, the logo is kind of cool, and they’ll grow out of it by the time Comic-Con ends anyway, so put this on them and use the ring to conjure up a deflector shield against all those nerds saying you should have bought the Flash one instead.

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Western Chief Superman Forever Raincoat

There’s no rain in the forecast around San Diego this week, but once you get home there will come a time when your little Man of Steel is going to leap into a large puddle in a single bound.

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Darth Vader And Son

Never before has the Sith Lord been so adorable. Jeffrey Brown gives the whole Star Wars gang the Sunday comics treatment in this and other books that call to mind classics ranging from Family Circus to Muppet Babies and Goodnight Moon. Vader And Son shines new light on the Dark Side and prove that even the most powerful men have been worn out by their kids since a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

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